The Emotional Intelligence Livestream #21


Equity, Wellbeing & Emotions

What’s heart-work for a world where people thrive?

Wellbeing is part of a human rights crisis magnified by inequities in the US and around the globe. Even before the pandemic, evidence was mounting that health and mental health is diminished in marginalized communities.

What is wellbeing, and how are wellbeing and equity affecting one another?

Can the skills and practices of emotional intelligence support us to build ourselves, our communities, and our world toward wellbeing for everyone?

You all might have heard people at the start of the pandemic say, “We’re all in the same boat” — and while the whole world is facing the pandemic, in many ways, it’s actually magnifying inequities between countries and groups. Just for example,  in the US, people in communities who are marginalized are dramatically more likely to die from CV19.

Key questions

  • What’s one aspect of wellbeing you’re working on for yourself?
  • How does your own lived experience & identity affect your wellbeing?
  • One of our key goals at Six Seconds is to support people talk about feelings as a useful part of our lives — of course, culture has a strong influence on how we do this. How do you see this dynamic in the communities where you work?
  • Historically, where does that cultural orientation come from? How’s that history affecting wellbeing today?
  • For your own personal journey — how is emotional intelligence helping you with wellbeing?
  • What’s the role of emotional intelligence for wellbeing  more broadly?
  • Share your vision — let’s paint a picture: What would happen in the world if we equity in terms of wellbeing?
  • What’s your take-away from today’s conversation, and how will you use that?


Dr. Timothy K Eatman, an educational sociologist and publicly engaged scholar, serves as the inaugural dean of the Honors Living Learning Community (HLLC) and Associate Professor in the department of Urban Education at Rutgers University – Newark. Prior to this his primary network of operation and leadership for over a decade was with Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life (IA) serving as Director of Research (2004 – 2012) and Faculty Co-Director (2012 to 2017). Tim’s national association leadership continues as one of three national co-chairs of the Urban Research Action Network (URBAN) and as board vice chair (chair elect) of the International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) which awarded him the 2010 Early Career Research Award. A widely sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator, and collaborator who has earned local, national and international recognition for his leadership in advancing understandings about the multi-faceted impact of publicly engaged scholarship in the university of the 21st century. This year he was recognized by the University of Illinois College of Education with its 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Pamela Chng, Co-Founder, The Bettr Group, has over 19 years of start-up and business experience, and is the co-founder of The Bettr Group, a for-profit social business and vertically integrated specialty coffee company in Singapore that aims to change lives through coffee. Through its education brand Bettr Barista and retail brand Bettr Coffee Co., it empowers lives through holistic vocational programmes for marginalised women and youth, nurtures direct and sustainable trade across their supply chain, and encourages socially and environmentally conscious consumption wherever it operates. Prior to founding Bettr, Pamela co-founded, ran and grew a successful web consultancy, Digital Boomerang. A sociologist by training, Pamela is passionate about using business as a force for good and is constantly excited about the possibilities that social businesses present to the betterment of business and society. Pamela is the first Singaporean on the Board of Directors of the global Specialty Coffee Association and a World Coffee Championship Certified Sensory Judge. She is also a Six Seconds Certified EQ Assessor and Bettr Barista is a Six Seconds Preferred Partner in Singapore. She has recently started a non-profit Bettr Lives to attempt to address one of our greatest collective challenges in the 21st century – the mental and emotional health of people.
Twitter: @bettrbarista  
Insta: / @bettrbarista / @bettrcoffee / @bettrlives

Victor Ferguson is a Six Seconds EQ Ambassador and a Community Healer helping to establish communities of wellness through Restorative Health Sessions. Victor has over 10 years in the health and wellness sector as a trainer, wellness coach, along with training in occupational therapy. He readily researches the newest in wellness studies and performs presentations that are always interactive and informative. He seeks to spread the community model as far as possible to help to improve people’s overall health. Victor believes that an essential part of most of our health is community. He believes that “we are communal beings that experience joy and healing while interacting with each other. This is made intentional with the establishment of wellness communities. Emotional intelligence is a key element that allows people within a community to be able to accept varying views and even constructive criticism without feeling attacked. Healing has so many different aspects, with emotional intelligence being an element that is rarely discussed but having a profound impact in our lives. A healthy community leads to a healthy environment which leads to optimal growth collectively.”
Insta: @optimalwellnesscom
FB: Optimal Wellness Community 

Moderator: Joshua Freedman, cofounder and CEO, The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, working since 1997 toward a world with more EQ. Josh is a Master Certified Coach and author of the best-selling At the Heart of Leadership
Twitter: @EQjosh of @6s_EQ IG: @joshmfreedman of @6secondseq

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