The Emotional Intelligence Livestream #9


The Coach Approach:

Applying tools and methods of coaching to make work and life better


As a manager, partner, friend… person… many of us are grappling with complex and intense challenges.

  • Since coaching is such a powerful approach to problem-solving, what are the key principles and practices that any of us can use?
  • What best practices from emotional intelligence can we engage to have more effective coaching-style conversations with others, and to coach ourselves through complexity?

A powerful conversation on how the tools and methods of coaching can help ALL of us right now.


Coaching plays a role in almost all of the cases on effective applications of EQ in Six Seconds’ case study library. So we have a growing body of evidence to say that coaching with EQ works to untangle challenges and improve performance.

So, today, when SO many of us are in a place of deep uncertainty and challenge… can we use techniques of coaching ourselves? How? What can we try?

In today’s panel we have a truly remarkable group of experts. We’ll dive into these questions, interact with you who are watching live, and then at the end, we’ll share a very important summary of the key tools to put into action.

Key questions

  • What is coaching?
  • What are you noticing is happening w people’s emotions now in the pandemic?
  • Is it important to address that, and if so, what is one coaching technique you’d suggest?
  • What from coaching can help people LISTEN to one another better?
  • What’s happening in the world right now is incredibly complex. To what degree can something as “basic” as coaching skills help with something this big?
  • Coming back to the personal: What coach-skill are you craving or longing for — to be applied to you?
  • So if you could wave your magic coach-training-for-everyone wand, and the people around you (work, home) had one new coaching skill… what would it be? 
  • There’s a lot coming out right now about the mental health burden from the pandemic. The UN Secretary General just proclaimed that effective pandemic response must also consider this. 
  • Does coaching have any role in mental health?
  • Many people see mental health as a clinical issue, and disregard coaching in this conversation. Do you have any concerns about this?
  • Specifically, how can coach techniques effective help people with the emotional burdens they’re now carrying?
  • What are the skills people will most need in the rest of 2020?

Coach Panelists

  • Bruce Perry, Director Organisational Effectiveness, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi; specialist in change management, organisation design, leadership engagement and strategy facilitation.
  • Magdalena Mook, CEO of the International Coach Federation; Advisory Board Member; former Assistant Director of National Policy for the Council of State Governments.
  • Jenny Rogers, one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches with 26 years of successful experience. Her book “Coaching Skills” is now in its fourth edition and is acknowledged internationally as a ‘Bible’ on how to coach successfully.
  • Dr. Brett Guimard, Founder and CEO at Alchemist Quest; former Senior High Performance Healthcare Provider for the United States Olympic Committee helping the USA’s top Olympic and Paralympic athletes perform at their best. Dr. Brett is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Diplomat of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.
  • Marilynn Jorgensen, Master Certified Coach; coauthor and global master-facilitator of the EQ Coach Certification; entrepreneur, educator, counseling psychologist, and coauthor of the eMotion Cards.
  • Joshua Freedman, cofounder and CEO, Six Seconds; Master Certified Coach; author of the best-selling At the Heart of Leadership
    Twitter: @EQjosh of @6s_EQ
    Insta: @joshmfreedman of @6secondseq


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