In the face of escalating climate anxiety among children and youth, there’s another pandemic we need to confront: Mental Health.  Join a powerful dialogue with intergenerational panels grappling with some of the biggest questions we face today at the free online conference April 21: The Climate of Emotions

The Climate of Emotions Free Online Conference

At the Intersection of Youth, Climate Change & Emotions

Today, young people are at the frontline of climate advocacy. At the same time, they are experiencing an escalating mental health crisis.

What are the skills people need to raise their voices, have compassion for themselves & engage others, and to build alliances to tackle this challenge? How can young people nurture themselves and one another – and what support can adults offer to best serve them?

Speakers include young climate activists who have shared how the climate crisis magnifies their emotional pain – and how that fuels their activism. Researchers on climate grief & emotional intelligence experts. Organizers working to grow youth leadership. A few of the remarkable speakers are:

Wanjira Mathai, Chair, Wangari Maathai Foundation

Advocating for social and environmental change in Kenya & globally, including climate change, youth leadership, sustainable energy, and landscape restoration

Jamie Margolin, Founder & Co-Executive Director of Zero Hour

My identity as a queer mixed-race latina and daughter of a Colombian immigrant and an Ashkenazi Jew influences my activism and passion to fight for those who are marginalized

Juan Monterrey, Inaugural Obama Scholar; Founder at Climate Resilient

Growing up in a rural village in Panama, Juan’s climate activism led him to be the youngest national delegate to the Paris Accord, then to engage the next generation of leaders

Natalie Mebane, Associate Director of United States Policy at

She grew up loving both the U.S. and the Caribbean and has family in both. She’s worked for the government of Trinidad and Tobago & as a grassroots organizer 

The Climate of Emotions virtual conference is produced by Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, Produced partnership the Khalifa Ihler Institute for Peaceful & Thriving Communities, Climate Resilient, National Children’s Campaign, Global Co Lab Network, CharityBomb, and more. The program will be culminate in development of the GREEN 13 POP-UP Festival, in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day.

Grappling with Big Questions

What if this pandemic is rehearsal for future large-scale impacts of the climate crisis? Perhaps better than ever, today we see that the health of humans and the health of the planet are inexorably linked. For decades, climate scientists have warned of something like COVID-19, and clearly we were not prepared. What will it take to build resilience for the future?

Young people are at the forefront of leadership on climate, advocating for the earth to prioritize our collective survival. And while attitudes are changing, these young leaders are paying a significant emotional price for standing out. How is the perspective of young people uniquely valuable in this journey?

Climate anxiety is one of the top factors young people report as diminishing their wellbeing. The typical adult responses of “don’t worry” or pushing science education are well intentioned, but don’t address either the underlying emotional needs nor the demands of the climate crisis. Emotional intelligence skills can provide the critical care they need to escape despair and reduce climate-related mental health issues.

Join the Climate of Emotions conference

April 21, 7:30 -11:30 am (San Francisco time)

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