5 Big Questions about the Digital Era

For starters… Are We in a Battle
Between People and Artificial Intelligence?

It’s a question I hear around the world. Sometimes indirectly, but the refrain is coming clear: We’re afraid of technology.

Or maybe just afraid… of the uncertainty, of the world we find ourselves in… and technology is simply lumped into the black box that seems to be disrupting even our disruptions.  Living in hyper-cool Silicon Valley, where every overhead coffee shop conversation seems to be a string of acronyms to signal the digital elite, it’s easy to jump to dismiss this growing sense that somewhere around the end of the Brady Bunch the world took the wrong turn. After all, “we all know” that technology is enhancing our lives in countless ways… reducing traffic, improving medical care, giving people a voice, connecting us with people we love, for free, anywhere in the world…

Yet: People are more lonely than ever before. Teen depression and even suicide is growing at an alarming rate. Civil society seems to be an oxymoron. Automation is taking away jobs, and the promised renaissance is elusive. 

We’re living in the era of Digital Miracles, and at the very same moment, we are in distress. Did we take a wrong turn?

At the same time, there is no question that digital technology offers powerful opportunities. It’s like the accidentally-ironic Facebook post calling for everyone to get off of Facebook… these tools give us unprecedented reach. And perhaps it’s that very thing, the unprecedented part, that’s the issue: We haven’t learned how to use this stuff properly. 

So, on March 24, we’re launching the first virtual online conference on these big questions.  Perhaps ironically, we’ll use digital tech to confront challenges and opportunities of digital tech. 

As you can see on the EmotionAI web page, there is a remarkable line-up of speakers grappling with big questions at the intersection of technology & emotions.

Nir Eyal, who taught tech companies how to make their tools powerfully distracting, will share the secret for taking control back by becoming “indistractible.” 

Then we’ll launch into the five essential questions:


How do we take back control and make technology serve us rather than vice versa?


As we apply new tech to ourselves & our lives, do we enhance our humanity or destroy it?


How do we equip our children to navigate this “brave new world” of intense complexity?


What does it take to shift our culture and business and technology to work together?


Can we make the future better by applying indigenous wisdom and the sacred technologies of the past?

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