Growing Together in 2019

Celebrating community, service, and
the joy of meaningful work together


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Meeting with many of our team members at the new office in Bologna, we launched a new commitment to align our work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Catching pencils on every continent… this year we hosted ~140 different certifications & conferences around the globe

At the POP-UP Festival @ Girls’ Festival, I loved getting together with Bay Area Six Seconds supporters to do something meaningful. We walked away with a better understanding of the importance of this work and we had a lot of fun! – Maria J

Lorenzo Fariselli, Sveva Perciabosco and Manuel Caviglia presented to the Italian Parliament about the value of social emotional learning, a powerful moment of recognition for the importance of EQ – Ilaria I

Grateful to have partnered with the Wangari Maathai Foundation to support the Hummingbird Leadership Program – developing a new generation of courageous leaders. Here we’re meeting the School Board in Masai Mara; picture below shows students assessing their schools. 

ln a continent of challenges, we’re delighted to see the spread of EQ through the commitment of our Preferred Partners, our Network Leaders who are active in facilitating the EQ Cafes and our certified network who reach out in their communities.  – Jayne M

At the first EQ Practitioner Certification in Bologna this year, we could see and feel the Italian network growing.

Below, from the end of the year, members of the community are getting ready for the POP-UP Festival in Bologna, where we collaborated to bring joy and learning to the public space.

– Ilaria I

For our first conference event in Latin America, we focused on BEING A LEADER WORTH FOLLOWING at the University of Lima

Patty Freedman presented Six Seconds’ work to grow capacity for the SDGs at the first-ever EQ conference at the UN

Though our partnership with Teachers College, Columbia University, we’re celebrating the power of emotions to connect us and supercharge learning

Sharing an insight at our 2nd annual advanced coach certification in China… when we make mistakes, “That’s Fascinating!”

How do you teach emotional intelligence? You practice it yourself. At the core of Six Seconds’ work is a simple idea: All change starts on the inside. It’s why events like the POP-UP Festival are so important in our community – we learn by doing, and do by learning.

The Global Office team has become like family to me in California. Here are some of us… in our alpaca hats from Peru.

– Michael M

We are delighted to have held the first EQ Advanced Facilitator Certification in Africa, co-creating a powerful learning journey to the heart.

– Jayne M

“Leaders Worth Following” was a watershed moment – in Boston this year, forging connections. Participants included new members of our network all the way to some who’ve been part of Six Seconds for 20 years. Many Preferred Partners presented, and together we recommitted to do the work on the inside — because emotions can help us focus on what’s most important in the world.

We launched “EQ Ambassadors,” a new kind of volunteer supporting big outreach

I loved working with the EQ Ambassadors, in person for the first time at EQ-POP at UNICEF in New York! – Tiffany V

Our advanced EQ Coach Certification in Santa Barbara

Connecting the world, here’s our first EQ Coach Certification in Kuwait

Our dedicated summer interns did fantastic work updating the POP-UP Festival materials.

The second picture shows one of the many photo shoots where Patty Freedman and the interns worked to make the POP-UP Festival more visually engaging this year.

It was wonderful to share EQ tools with inspiring university women in their 2nd year. They embraced the models and philosophies, and particularly loved learning about their Brain Styles & how that helps them when they are out in the “real world”. – Amanda C

Europe is lively and committed to activate change by prioritising EQ. Maria. Ilaria, Dawn and myself have a lot to celebrate this year – three EQPCs, the first coach certification, the first Vital Signs, EQ Connects Conference, POP-UP, building the network in various languages, a new Europe entity and new Preferred Partners.

– Katharine R

In 2019 we published or updated 86 articles on The most visited new articles? 9 Tips for Teaching Growth Mindset to Kids7 Fascinating Facts About Anxiety. Three Key Insights from the EQ @UN Conference (Do you see a theme… beyond “All of them have prime numbers in their titles” 🙂 )

More than 120 people have newly opened the EQ door – Unlocking EQ in Japan



Promoted work style reform in Japan through organizational culture reform using TVS – EQ conference in Japan

Celebrated POP-UP FESTIVAL with 70 volunteers in Japan

Change agent network spread throughout Japan 

At Six Seconds, we believe learning EQ is about doing and experiencing, not just “knowing”

Our courses are usually filled with laughter and sometimes tears. We value both.

Sharing simply-powerful tools at the 1st EQ Connects Conference in UK

Deep conversations – here at our third-ever EQ cert in Latin America

The APAC team have lots to celebrate and be truly grateful for this year.  The growth, energy, collaboration and commitment of our regional network is tremendous.  This can be seen through the hundreds of Pop-up Festivals held in the region, the numerous EQ Cafes hosted by our wonderful team of Network Leaders, the 200 new certifications awarded and the wonderful work our Preferred Partners and Certified are doing to make such a positive difference.  Thank you all!
– Sue M

These photo express a real life EQ experience in the most creative venue –- under the water. Connecting self-presence with compassionate empathy, practicing a new dimension of wellbeing, decision making, relationships, and a sense of achievement for youth in the 21st Century. – Solafa B

Six Seconds made a lot of new friends in K12 education at the 2019 National Social Emotional Learning Conference in Baltimore. Educators love the power of our EQ assessment tools for youth, adults, and families. – Cherilyn L

Concentration and reflection doing sand painting for emotions – a process for using emotions to address challenges and grow individually & together on the Journey of EQ. – Lynette V

The EQ Certified Network keeps growing in Turkey: Six Seconds EQ Certification Program – and we published At the Heart of Leadership in Turkish!

Wonderful reminders that what we do, how we do and why we do are all align 🙂 at the first EQ Gym in Hochiminh City – Vietnam – Huong V

First EQPC in Spanish in Barcelona. Our Country Manager Marga Del Olmo with Regional Network Director LAMER Fiorella Velarde ran this program for the first time in Europe in Spanish.

POP-UP Festival volunteers experience offline activities. It was the first time try to hold such an event for 6seconds China and for myself, and it was an unforgettable experience. We will continue to do it in the next year and make it better.

After attending the “High Level Meeting” at the UN General Assembly commemorating World Children’s Day and reaffirming the UN (and Six Seconds’) commitment to support a world where children’s rights flourish

Members of our community in Shanghai at our annual meeting. I am so proud to grow with Chinese network together. After launching the EQ Gym, we started a special EQ Gym for Parents, and had a powerful conference on EQ in business. – Natalie R

Whether working with UNICEF & the UN, to projects in companies & schools large and small, to individuals… the theme of the 2019 was “inside out.” Growing the capacity on the inside to bring forward a better future in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you for a powerful, inspiring year of joys & challenges & learning, and I’m thrilled to be on this adventure with you!

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