Collaborate with Europe's Experts on Emotional Intelligence

Share ideas, experiences and research – and walk away with practical strategies to implement EQ in business, coaching and education

What are some of the most innovative EQ projects in Europe, and how can you apply them to your organization? At EQConnects, Europe’s top experts in the field of emotional intelligence will connect to share ideas, experiences and research on how to grow EQ in business, coaching and education. In practical ‘how to’ workshops that bring the concept of emotional intelligence to life, here are 5 EQ opportunities at EQ Connects:



Optimize teams


Engage employees


Apply global EQ data 


Explore EQ Passion


Create EQ Environment

1. Optimize your team’s performance with specific tools on emotional intelligence

Marina Lumley of Greengrass Consulting will be presenting the findings of her team EQ intervention at a large telecommunications firm, which various participants described as “a brilliant programme,” “a great investment of time” and “career changing.” She will share details of the EQ intervention, how they measured team effectiveness before and after, the initial hypothesis and final results.

2. Get your employees fully immersed and invested in the organization’s big picture

Employee engagement fuels performance – and especially in times of change, sustaining engagement requires a more inclusive kind of leadership. BigPicture Learning specializes in helping leaders build buy-in at all levels with emotional intelligence. Stop by BigPicture Learning’s booth at EQ Connects to learn more!

3. Look inside the latest global data on emotional intelligence in the workplace

Joshua Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds, will share findings of the as-yet-unreleased 2019 Vitality Report, a study of over 1600 leaders & team members from 95 countries that tracks changing views of emotions in the workplace. You can check out the 2017 Vitality Report here, and for the latest data, reserve your seat for EQ Connects. Joshua is the leader of the world’s largest emotional intelligence organization.

4. Explore EQ passion to achieve goals

Lara Williams of Momentum4 will share insights about how EQ can help women passionately pursue their vision. As an accomplished athlete and business leader, Lara brings a unique perspective on emotional intelligence, women in leadership, and persevering in complex and challenging situations. Having just completed a charity rowing trip from Ibeza to Barcelona, a grueling trip of over 200 miles through the Mediterranean Sea, Lara has some fresh insights about using EQ to thrive even when you’re pushed to your physical and emotional limits.

5. Create an inclusive learning climate for children (and adults)

Ruth Whiteside has dedicated her life to promoting resilience and emotional intelligence in the classroom. Attend her session to explore how childhood trauma and adverse experiences impact learning and how to manage challenging behaviour with EQ.

At this unique event, you will have the opportunity to connect with EQ thought leaders and practitioners to understand what EQ is and why it is important in today’s increasingly emotionally disconnected world. Take away tools and ideas  to develop your own EQ and implement it in your organization. Inspiring keynote speakers will be joining from across the globe and world leading coaches will be delivering practical ‘how to’ workshops that will not only shift your mindset but your emotions, too.

Why Six Seconds?

Why do leaders from places like the UN, FedEx, Amazon, Qatar Airways choose Six Seconds’ tools and methods?

  • Global: Used in 157 countries & territories — this approach works everywhere.
  • Scientific: The latest research creates a robust approach by the pioneers in EQ — these tools are reliable.
  • Practical: It’s not enough to talk about emotional intelligence — Six Seconds helps you put it into action.

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