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Westcomm faced a company wide engagement crisis.


Situation: Westcomm Pump faced a crisis of morale, engagement and productivity. In the initial assessment, 0% of employees scored themselves as fully engaged.

Solution: Six Seconds’ partner worked with the leadership team to develop and implement an engagement strategy based on emotional intelligence assessments and coaching.

Results: A dramatic increase in employee engagement throughout the company (% of engaged went from 0% to 22%, and % of disengaged dropped from 40% to 11%)

“We have become a much more cohesive unit in the last six months.”

Wescomm Senior Executive


Westcomm Pump is based in Calgary, Canada and is a value-added reseller and engineering company in the oil and gas industry. They design and market large and complex fluid transportation systems. In 2018, low morale throughout the company had started to negatively impact productivity and the outlook for Westcomm. The initial Vital Signs assessment revealed that 0 employees scored in the Engaged category. Jeff Shen, the CEO, realized that changes needed to be made.


ACI, a Six Seconds Preferred Partner, worked with Westcomm to develop and implement a multi step engagement strategy over an 8-month period. The strategy had two major components, and both utilized Six Seconds’ assessment tools to gain actionable data. First, ACI worked with the three key leaders in the organization to assess and improve their emotional intelligence and leadership capabilities, utilizing the SEI. Secondly, after working with the leadership team, they held a series of all-hands meetings and administered a Team Vital Signs (TVS) assessment to measure overall climate and performance factors, and implement the needed changes.



After eight months, Westcomm had experienced a dramatic improvement in engagement and morale driven by huge increases in the key drivers of trust, execution and motivation.



Percentage of engaged team members increased from 0% to over 22%




Percentage of disengaged team members declined from 40% to 11%.


Products & Services Delivered

EQ Skills

SEI – Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Assessment is a validated psychometric tool for measuring emotional intelligence, used with over 250k people worldwide. Read more about SEI. 

Team Climate

TVS – Team Vital Signs is a validated assessment that quickly captures essential indicators of your team’s health — and offers a clear path toward peak performance. Read more about TVS


Coaching – Six Seconds’ coaching methodology blends neuroscience with the International Coach Federation competencies supercharged with the power of EQ. Read more about Six Seconds’ Coaching

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