Struggling to Motivate Employees?

Research has linked these 4 elements to lasting motivation.


Want to Motivate Your Employees?

4 Questions to Ask Yourself


The 4 drivers of lasting motivation

Highly motivated employees drive innovation and performance, but keeping employees motivated is hard.

According to researcher Richard Deci, leaders must pay attention to these 4 employee needs to drive lasting motivation: autonomy, competence, relatedness and connection.

1.  A sense of autonomy – Does the employee feel enough freedom to take ownership?

2. A feeling of competence – Does the employee feel empowered to do the work well?

3. A feeling of relatedness  – Does the employee feel connected to the work of the organization?

4. A sense of connection – Do they feel a sense of belonging with the community of employees? 

EQ In Action

EQ In Action: Ask yourself: Which of these elements are the hardest for you as a leader to create the conditions for? Do you struggle to give employees an appropriate level of autonomy, or to step in when needed? Do you pay attention to your employees’ bigger life goals, or how they’re feeling about their work community?

Think of a specific employee who is unmotivated. Which of these elements is missing? What could you do to set for the conditions for self-motivation to flourish?

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