Last week found me in Thailand for Master Class, a powerful gathering of Six Seconds’ most involved EQ practitioners.
At the welcome dinner, I sat across from a sweet Korean named Jin-woo. Though I could see the brightness in his eyes, we have trouble communicating at the dinner table. The room is loud, and speaking English challenges him. We go over a few niceties, then return to the comfortable silence of eating. I think, “I wish I could speak Korean.” This is the story of Jin-woo’s bravery (and how he taught me Korean).

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Towards the end of this welcome dinner, Josh (Six Seconds’ CEO) invites volunteers to introduce themselves and make a toast in front of the whole group. Jin-woo, to my surprise, rises. In halting English, he tells us his name + what support he can offer the group. As he begins to sit down, another participants asks him: “Could you say that again in Korean? We want to hear it!”
My heart skips a beat as I nervously watch his face twist in effort to comprehend. I debate trying to explain the English to him when his voice appears:
“I teach you some Korean,” he says with measured words, “say it with me: SAH (SAH!) RANG (RANG!) HAE (HAE!). I love you. In Korean.”
As the crowd breaks into a delighted applause, I feel my heart break into a million pieces, too. Jin-woo’s bravery, vulnerability and authenticity cracks me open. As tears spring to my eyes, I smile at the sweet Korean across from me. Who on earth gave him the bravery to DO that? Looking at Jin-woo, I know the answer: He did.
We all have something we need to say: something important to say, something difficult to say, something vulnerable to say. And we all need a piece of Jin-woo’s bravery to say it.

What do you need to say, and who needs to hear it?
This week, I invite you to step into the brave space created by Jin-woo and say what needs to be said.
What words have you been keeping to yourself that need to be shared? Have you been holding something back that seems scary or difficult to say?
Using your courage, compassion, and authenticity, identify what needs to be said and who needs to hear it. Lastly, make a plan for when and where you will say it.
Sa. Rang. Hae. Three little words capable of opening the hearts of so many; your words, like Jin-woo’s, hold so much power.


How did you feel about Jin-woo’s story? Has anyone in your life unexpectedly inspired you?
What helps to inspire you to feel brave? How could you call upon that when saying what is difficult or challenging (but necessary!) for you to say?
See you next week!

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Maria Jackson

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