The largest EQ celebration in history… and you’re invited! It starts in just about two months! here’s how to get ready.

Last November, volunteers in 157 countries reached 330,000 children & adults for the UNICEF World Children’s Day celebration: POP-UP Festivals on emotions, wellbeing & children’s rights.

So far, we’re up to 509 volunteers in 71 countries with 20 Partner Organizations reaching 109,000 people (and last year at this time, we had 24 volunteers reaching 7,114).

Hooray! Here’s what’s next.

Universal Children's Day in...








POP-UP Next Steps

Now – Sign up. It’s free & easy.
You’ll get a confirmation email, then:
Check out the six “mini kits” with wonderful EQ activities that you can use to start practicing… and they’re ready to share! 
September 5/6 – Webinar – how can your business and POP-UP Festival help one another? (please invite business leaders!)
September 15 – Watch your email for the link to download your POP-UP Festival kit!
(English – other languages coming soon)
September 25 – Join the webinar launching POP-UP Festivals on the UN Day of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals – we are a partner!
(Read more about how we’re supporting the United Nations’ work on these vital goals)

October –

Join an online meeting to help prepare (options come via email after signing up)
Email one of the volunteer mentors nearest you for tips (you’ll get their locations & details soon after signing up)
Plan where & when to have your “festival” and who to invite (there are tons of tips and suggestions in the kit)

November – 

Hold you festival — or festivals!!
Share your photos (instructions in the kit)
Participate in the UNICEF Blue for Children’s Day “visual petition” (instructions in the kit)

December – 

Continue to share the skills and grow awareness — and watch for the launch of the next Mini Kits to continue year-round!
See more ways to participate & action steps below!
What if people ALL over the world worked together for a more emotionally intelligent future? Last year, volunteers in 157 countries & territories reached 330,000 children & adults. Want to help double that? 
There's a beautiful activity kit with everything you need. Just print it, bring together some children and adults, and POP! It's an #EQChildrensDay POP-UP Festival supporting the Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs - it's all free! Get the details and join us on

Action Steps Toward POP-UP 2018

how can you be part of the world’s biggest emotional intelligence celebration?

Share fabulous free EQ activities

Lend a hand to those holding festivals

Help us amplify the message

Hold a Festival

Support Volunteers

Spread the Word

Anyone can hold a festival! Some are a few people at the kitchen table, some are 100s – read more here.

Action Steps

  1. Sign up here so you are on the 2018 list and map
  2. Open up a mini-kit and practice a lovely activity to start getting good at this
  3. Begin finding allies to help hold the event, invite them to join you testing out the mini-kit… get them to sign up:

People hosting POP-UP can use a hand… everything from translation to photos to snacks to just being a friend

Action Steps

  1. Sign up here so we can connect you with people in your country
  2. Explore the mini kits so you have a better idea of the kinds of activities in POP-UP
  3. Encourage others in your country to participate

To bring the joy and learning of the POP-UP Festivals to more people, we need allies to amplify the message.

Action Steps

  1. Sign up here and let us know you’re going to spread the word
  2. Join the POP-UP Facebook group, follow our ceo on Twitter, or join us on Insta and start re-sharing, liking, commenting!
  3. Make a list of 5+ organizations such as schools, hospitals, nonprofits, community orgs, agencies committed to children’s wellbeing.  Make contact and tell them there is an amazing free kit for them to share with the community (shortcut: )

What is the POP-UP Festival?

Each year we produce a free downloadable kit of fabulous interactive games & exercises to teach about emotional intelligence for children’s rights & wellbeing. The kit can be used by educators, parents, youth leaders, community members … anyone! The activities are effective for children and for adults to learn more about EQ.

You select activities for your audience, print them out, bring people together… and POP! You’ve got a festival. 

Read all about it here — be sure to watch the adorable 90-second video 🙂

Mini POP-UPs


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