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Best of Q2: Community

Community is all of us & how we want to be together.

Community is about people.  It’s both the feelings we have with our group, and relationships we share through activities, beliefs, and common purpose.  A community supports, encourages, grounds and defines us. 

This quarter we’ve been looking at different Communities in our network and the lessons they can teach us. Each post this quarter was fantastic, it was hard to narrow it down to just nine “best of” to make the list. In this roundup I’d like to take a moment to shine a light on these nine examples of community and give you a second look at some of the big ideas:

Learn & Apply Research   |   Get Inspired   |   Join the Party 

Learn and Apply Research 

Take a look at 5 research studies showing the mechanisms that spread emotions. (link)

Dr. Anabel Jensen shares research on the number one ingredient for powerful teaching: the strength of the bond established between the individuals. Then she applies theory into practice – sharing her interventions to improve school community (link)

Get inspired 

For teens, mentors fill a role of trusted advisor. Meet Mentor Lithuania, an organization that provides emotionally intelligent role models for teenagers (link)

Learn how corporate managers at Siemens created community within their structure to overcome VUCA conditions and improve performance (link)

Get insight from Patagonia’s Vincent Stanley’s experience contributing to a business that’s also a purposeful community (link)

Join the Party

EQ isn’t something to “know.” It’s something to do. Joshua Freedman lays out action steps to engage in Six Seconds’ community (link)

Get a taste of EQ-CON, the annual summit of Six Seconds’ North American Regional Network, where shared experiences brought us together, forging alliances and creating even greater success (link)

You’re invited to be part of the largest global EQ event, POP-UP Festival for Universal Children’s Day. This festival is for you and the children in your circle (link)

Get a look behind the scenes in Community of Practice, where Six Seconds EQ practitioners reflect on their own EQ life and get support to do this important work (link)

 Highlights of Q2: Community

 We’ve collected some of the best here for you to (re)discover one more time. They serve as windows into our community to inspire, to teach, and to invite us to jump in.

Thanks to you, our community is growing.  For over twenty years we’ve been creating tools, materials, content and connections. As we look ahead into the next challenges we face, we are glad to support you to do your best work, and encourage you become an even more active member of our community. 

You are one in a billion.

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