Best of Q1: Practice

What do you want to practice?

For this Q1 Practice Round Up, we’d like to help you apply your learning and actually PRACTICE using EQ tools and methods.  

What should we practice?  How about reducing stress, sticking with your exercise plan, daily meditation, increased empathy in your family relationships?  You choose the practice that fits you best. 

Let’s take on your Practice Project for 5 days.  Sign up below and you’ll get a series of 5 emails with daily practice tools to help transform your good intentions into vital daily practice

Here’s some of the highlights of Q1 Practice.  We’ve collected them here for you to (re)discover one more time.

Patty Freedman

Director of Marketing at Six Seconds
Patty is a graphic designer, researcher and specialist in visual communication. She is a voracious podcast listener especially interested in neuroscience and culture.

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