Would you rather “know about emotional intelligence” or “use emotional intelligence”? What’s the difference?

At Six Seconds, we’re working toward a billion people practicing emotional intelligence because we think it will make the world a better place. So what does it mean to “practice”? You’ve probably seen the model for putting EQ into action, but what does that actually look like in daily life? Members of our community from around the world were together for a conference so we asked. Here are their ideas in 90-seconds… and please share your answer in the comments below:


Each calendar quarter, the Six Seconds’ team focuses on a theme. This quarter is the meaning of PRACTICE. We’ve learned a great deal about what makes practice effective… and how we can develop the capacities to use emotional intelligence to be more effective. 

What’s working for you to put emotional intelligence into practice?

Please share your ideas in the comments below!

What does neuroscience teach about practicing EQ?

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