Q: Have you been missing that POP-UP Festival feeling?  

A: Here’s wonderful surprise!  We’re launching Mini POP-UP Kits delivered to your inbox each month!

We’ve already started preparing for the EQ POP-UP Festival 2018 for November – and we hope the Mini Kits will build momentum and encourage even more people to try out POP-UP Festival!  

Inside the kit will be lots of goodies for you to enjoy: 

.​​​.. a brand new POP-UP activity to try out (this one is about growing kindness)

… resources to extend learning with books and links

… ideas for discussion, sharing & building our POP-UP community

Each month we’ll share a new kit for you to open and explore. Each contains an exercise for you to experiment with, try out with small group or big group, and share feedback.

For the month of March, we’re focused on “GROWING KINDNESS” and have activities and resources to support you and your group to grow kindness in your community.

We hope you will use Mini POP-UP Festival Kits to:

  • Continue your own EQ learning & share insights with your family / school / community
  • Bring together people around you to get interested in POP-UP 2018 so you have a whole team of people excited about this beautiful project
  • Post pictures of your “mini-pop-up experiments” on social media to raise awareness and interest in the project for others.

POP-UP Festival 2018 theme is GROWTH  — what do you want to grow through your POP-UP activities?


Ready to sign up for Mini POP-UP Festival Kits?  It’s simple!  Just complete the form below and check your email for some POP-UP surprises.

    (if as organization, be sure you put the organization name, above)
  • Include street, city, country so a marker shows on map, below
  • For privacy you could give a nearby address such as a local park or bank.
  • Fill the Map Address above, then, a pin will show in the map. If you can't get your address to show, you can zoom in, then CLICK ONCE on the "draw a marker" icon to left of map (below the +-), then click where you'd like your marker.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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