It has been a year since Six Seconds set up the Accredited Continuing Education (ACE) program as the way to stay current with Six Seconds EQ certifications. And over that year we have learned all kinds of things about our certified practitioners, made some significant changes to the website, and seen some great EQ work being done by you around the world.


6seconds ACE Program turns One

The intent in making the change from a simple membership fee to requiring certified practitioners to earn 12 ACE units and use 100 tools credits a year was not to make life difficult, but to ensure that those we had certified were actively engaged in EQ work and were staying current in using the Six Seconds tools.

Let me share with you what we discovered along the way….

We needed to change significantly to support the ACE program and that was not as easy as it looked.


Tracking of ACE units and tying that into the certification renewal process was phased in over the year. There were a few “bumps” along the way, moving from a separate ACE Unit Request Form to a system that integrates requesting missing ACE units in your account. In a few months we will phase out the ACE Unit Request Form since all the same information (including the 250 word essay) can now be entered directly on using the “request missing ACE units” button.


Many of you have two, three or even four or more accounts on It is no mystery as to why; you changed email addresses over the years and accounts were created at different times based on those differing emails.

It does create confusion after you’ve gotten your ACE units and renewed your certification in your main account and then you get a letter telling you that your account is going to expire, which is true for these inactive duplicate accounts. I’d encourage you to review carefully to see if you have more than one account. You can request that your inactive ones be deleted or combined with your primary email.

Many of you are overachieving in the ACE program earning more than the 12 ACE units needed for your yearly certification renewal. 


Currently when you renew your certifications, the next expiration date is a year from the date you push the renewal button. All ACE units on file disappear from your list, since they are “used” for that certification renewal. Don’t despair!  That is what it’s supposed to do!  You then need to earn 12 more ACE units before the new expiration date of your certifications.


Because ACE is continuing education, we want you to be doing something every year to renew. 

But, for those who are earning more than 12 ACE units in a year, you can carry over up to 6 ACE units into the next year. So if you earn 18 units in a year, 12 are used in your renewal and 6 can be kept for the next year. is not yet programmed to do this automatically, so if you fall into this situation, you need to request the carry over units using the “request missing ACE units” button. Just put “carry over units” in the comment section.

Finally, we have NOT yet started to turn off or tools accounts when they expire automatically. If your accounts are not working for some reason, send a note to the help desk to have them check it out. We will be turning off expired accounts sometime in the coming year, but we will make sure you know well in advance before that happens.  


We’re excited about the future for 6seconds ACE.  New courses are in the works and the potential for our network to grow keeps expanding.


We invite you to stay active and keep practicing emotional intelligence, bringing it into all your circles of influence; work, home, school and community.  To reach 1B people we are all going to reach outwards and invite others to grow with us.


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