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Celebrations Around the World

We’ve seen the numbers

157 Countries

330,000 children & adults 

15 languages

1400 volunteers

Let’s take a moment to cheer.

As we celebrate the largest EQ event in history, and catch our breath for a moment of reflection, we want to process what we’ve done and where we are going next. 

Oggi al pop up festival chidren day oltre 300 persone tra adulti bambini e ragazzi hanno giocato insieme allenando le competenze dell’intelligenza emotiva. Grazie a tutti i presenti!!

Hello from Kyiv, Ukraine! We had amazing group of kids and parents who worked hard but had fun with emotions and feelings! Thank you for exercises and games. Thank you for sharing!

P.S. We added one activity to suggested by festival – we inhabited our children’s center Charodim (magic house) with colorful emotions on paper ?

#childrensday #charodim #чародім #popupfestival

Hosted #pop-upFestival @Daizy Dozen By AK, their factory outlet at Vadgaon Sheri, Pune.  Working with this group was a great learning experience for me as this was the first time they were introduced to their own world of emotions and it’s power to make them effective and thus driving performance to make Daizy Dozen the best bakery in town.
Grateful to be a part of this initiative by Six Seconds. Thanks to Vrinda Ambekar for her support and Azharuddin Khadri for giving us this opportunity to introduce the insights of emotions to his team members.

EQ #Childrensday POP-UP FESTIVAL in Japan!

It’s still a bit challenging to have EQ activities in Japan because people here don’t often hear about emotional intelligence, so offered to the nursery school of MY kids and could have 2 classes there, for 5-6 years old children. Truly appreciated to teachers and everyone of the school for letting me to have this class.

Worked on the Emo-monster cards and shared some episodes about each face they chose, and named on them. Children were so amazing, they could share when they had that face and how they felt then. Teachers also learned many things from them too.

And I’m so grateful for joining this wonderful opportunity from here Japan, hope I can be the one of EQ practitioners to spread this Six Seconds EQ in Japan. Thank you!



POP UP festival in Pune. Children enjoyed it very much and eager to know more about emotions.

UN Children’s day in Sudan via Doroob_sa .. in 9 schools ???


POP-UP Festival in Muscat, Oman–

Great session and fun loaded activities with so much reflections from children, I was amazed by the level of reflections they had & awareness of emotions Very articulate & spontaneous- Amazing 
Thank you #6Seconds for great session& activities planned ?


Thetis Island B.C., Canada We had a wonderful facilitation team of caring educators and moms who very much appreciated the idea and the resource kit you provided. Our teacher is going to continue this work in our classroom and we are thinking of creating an adult-oriented event in the new year for our wider community. Much gratitude.

Melbourne, Australia As I wondered around our school today, my bucket was filled. Thankyou 6 seconds for the gorgeous activities that encouraged our teachers and students to further explore their own emotions, the feelings of others, show gratitude and increase empathy. Your goals are clear and noble and I am filled with gratitude to play a small part in it. EQ is part of our core curriculum and is taught 4 hours each week in our school. Our students are already on their way to knowing, choosing and giving so today was a celebration and a sharing of skills and knowledge.

EQ#ChildrensDay in Binningen/Switzerland
Last Saturday we gather a group kids and moms to share an afternoon full of fun and emotional awareness. in Pop-up festival & tea party celebration. It was as a great experience!!! Everyone was very engaged, all the way from the preparation till the execution. It was so rewarding to see how moms and girls were connected in such a different way and to receive such nice feedback from the participants. I will definitely continue my journey in this area. Thanks to all the 6 seconds team to let us be part of it!!! 


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Time to explore our emotions!!! We had a great morning today celebrating emotions! From naming emotions (emotion heads up activity), emotion iceberg, emotion meter to TFA, our students went through all “50 shades of emotions” ?Final activity: to put all things together: each made an “empathy star” and wrote down one thing they would start / stop doing to increase empathy. (We got inspired from the list of “78 things to do to be kind and loving” by Dr. Anabel Jensen). Interestingly, many chose to write “protect environment by not littering” ? Thank you Six Seconds team for all the wonderful activities! #EQChildrensday


Pop-Up Festival in Paternoster  We used the Wishes station first to move into the feeling arena gently. We loved that the material allows unique responses for every child. We realise that there is a need to develop a shared vocabularly for our feelings. With much love. Paternoster South Africa.

POP-UP FESTIVAL BAIA MARE, ROUMANIA Words are too few to express my recunoștiința to your involvement, patience, empathy and your support today in conducting the event! We shared the same set of values and thank you from all soul once again for all wonderful people, kiss you and hug you! Congratulations to those who chose to discover the world of emotions!


Happy POP-UP Festival from Tirana, Albania This was very inspiring EQ Café & UCD celebration activity with students of Epoka University and other participants for engagement & sharing their experiences and above all for the willingness to keep connection for upcoming activities organized by Six Seconds!  Group Conclusion we all agreed for one thing, that no matter how old we are, the child inside us will be always there, and if nothing more, we must not forget to keep playing & believing in our dreams 


The comments & experiences about POP-UP Festival have been delightful. But one challenge came up:

“Do you really think a celebration like this makes a difference? Look at all the problems facing children today” 

more EQ is needed.

Yes. It’s unequivocally true. None of the rights under the Convention are fully realized around the world. Even in “developed” countries there is still child predation, too many children are still voiceless, far too many go to bed hungry.
AND, in many places, life is better and getting better. Awareness is higher. Commitment is higher. Progress is real.

We’re celebrating the dedication of those who’ve come before.

The work for a just and sustainable world is a long marathon. It’s literally been thousands of years in the making. We’re not going to solve these problems today, so while many people work tirelessly against the crashing waves of inhumanity, we are also planting the seeds for tomorrow. Reminding children and families what it means for be fully human.The the real goal isn’t just a cessation of inhumanity, but a flourish of the best in us.

 To connect. To grow. To nourish one another in mind and heart as well as in body.

We’re celebrating the hope of those who will lead tomorrow.

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers and participants making this incredible project come to life. Take a moment and revel in this: You’ve been part of the largest celebration of emotional intelligence in history. 

Look again at the map — you’ve been part of weaving something new and shining and beautiful.

UCD is all of us.  Together we can create 1B practicing EQ and change our future.

Perhaps even more, the POP-UP Festival is a recognition: We are in this together for the long haul. This world is something we share. This vision of children and adults able to communicate & collaborate & care… it’s the vast common ground we share. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most rapidly and widely ratified human rights treaty in history.

And, remember, Six Seconds is actually a tiny organization… but the POP-UP Festival has included people in 157 countries and territories. We reached 79% the world.

We’re celebrating the shared humanity that binds us.

Now mark your calendars. 

 Mark them for November 2018 for the next round of celebration. We’ll have even more to acknowledge and share then. We’ll have even more friends around the world connecting in this beautiful web of shared purpose.
AND, in many places, life is better and getting better. Awareness is higher. Commitment is higher. Progress is real.

And mark them every day from now ’till then for the small & large actions we can each take, each day, to leave our children a world worthy of them.

The challenges before us are vast,
but so is our love, so it our hope, so is our resolve.

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