Summit 2017

The multiplying power of shared insight is


How does it feel to “find your people” and to reconnect with shared purpose? The World EQ Summit was revitalizing. As we rediscovered allies and shared insight on tapping the power of emotion, something new emerged — a clarity and conviction for what’s next.

the hard work of heart work

I heard, perhaps even more, I felt, the meaning of the logo for the Summit. In our places, members of this community are doing the heart-work of practicing and sharing emotional intelligence. In that work, we’re untangling the threads snarled by the hectic-ness of life today… by making spaces where people can be more fully themselves.

By exercising underused muscles, strengthening compassion, inviting connection, we’ve each seen and felt that transformation of clarity.

At Summit 2017, these threads came together, weaving something new.

It’s hard to describe the diversity of these events. Dubai, especially, is crossroads of the world — there and in Mumbai, the Summit was made by people of every color and creed. People arrived at the Summit across geography, religion, gender, age, sector and role.

something momentous


At the very same time,

our members in 156 countries are sharing EQ for Children’s Day — we were part of something momentous. We are weaving it together. Thread by thread, interlocking to something new and vibrantly growing.

In addition to the powerful sessions, Tom Procicchiani & I had the privilege of interviewing dozens of members of our community about their work. Since the purpose of the Summit is far beyond the hundreds in attendance, we’re producing videos to share these sparks. Here are some of the themes I heard:

After learning Emotional Intelligence

I’ve stopped pretending to be who I’m “supposed” to be,

I’m learning to become my authentic self.

Practicing emotional intelligence 

I feel more emotions, but less volatility.

Emotions have become allies instead of random forces pushing me.

After learning Emotional Intelligence

As I’ve become more aware, careful & empathic, 

I’ve learned to connect with others like never before in my life. 

In turn, this connection creates a possibility to support others to flourish.

Back to the weaving: These stories span the world. Reconnecting across difference, opening dialogue to find common ground. To expand common ground. To step into it with courage and hope. This revitalization is not solely emotional.

In Six Seconds’ tools & methods, so beautifully demonstrated in dozens of workshops, 

we experience a unique intersection of cognition & emotion…. which is, of course, what emotional intelligence is all about.

Many of the sessions featured cases showing the value of leveraging emotional intelligence.

 Over the next months we’ll hear from participants about the data that was most significant.

 For myself, I saw that we have compelling evident that, while there are major challenges for individuals, organizations & schools (and these challenges seem to be intensifying)

the Six Seconds’ methodology accelerates forward progress.

Perhaps even more importantly,
its simple.


Not easy, but not some abstract maze

The barriers to entry are low: Even people brand new to our community said

they began to feel a change after being part of this event.

Perhaps, most of all, I heard: I needed this, and now my commitment is higher than ever before. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the need for our work is also higher than ever before. So, as a community, it’s time for us to step it up.

I closed each Summit by saying that I’m deeply moved and hugely grateful for the efforts of so many people to practice emotional intelligence

in a way that invites and supports others to do the same.

I’m committed 

to do even more. 

Will you?

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