What happens when we design education by integrating EQ at University or in Business Master Degrees?

Our passionate and committed certified member and Network Leader from Madrid, José Félix Torres Zegarra, shares his own voice on this question. 

José, together with a team of three professors, will be running a course called Emotional Management as part of a Business Masters Degree that includes Coaching and Strategic Thinking at UNED the National Distance Education University of Madrid.

The UNED student body is over 205,000 students, and it’s one of the largest universities in Europe.
José taught a similar program last year, and the University wants this coming year’s 2017-2018 Masters Degree agenda to be even more innovative, challenging, and demanding for all the attendees.

This new course will seek the enrollment of professionals, such as enterprise managers, servicemen, coaches and members of no-profit organisations.

UNED, and its faculty committee, strongly believes that EQ is one of the core competencies that leaders should be equipped with to succeed and perform at best in the XXI century. This appears well aligned to the Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum that identifies the 10 top essential skills to face the current Fourth Industrial Revolution: at number six in 2020, Emotional Intelligence! 


The UNED Emotional Management course aims to strengthen students’ leadership and management growth by providing them with solid and robust tools and assessments. All students start the course with the measurement of their own EQ.  

All the participants will take the Six Seconds EQ assessment (SEI Leadership Report), receive a 1:1 or group debrief, and will receive their Brain Profiles.   They will be trained on the Six Seconds Model,  to improve their self awareness, self management, and self direction.



For teamwork, students will grouped on the basis of their Brain Styles and simulate management practices by using Brain Talents activities. The Brain Discovery Profile will help them to understand and put in action the power of EQ for people management and human resources selection. José’s plan is to design a process of change and transformation for the course participants and their future leadership applications. EQ generates transitions and pushes leaders towards achievement and optimal performance by improving effectiveness, relationships, decision making and influence.



How would it be to infuse EQ in Higher Education all around the world?
Thank you José Félix and his team of change makers, the Professors at UNED, for this great example.

If you’re curious to know more, here’s the recording of a 2016 Six Seconds webinar with international cases on EQ in Higher Ed: EQ goes to College.

And more news about a Six Seconds Conference on Higher Education coming soon … stay tuned!


José Félix is EQ Assessor since 2014 and EQ Practitioner since 2015. He is one of our Network Leaders and he works as Consultant in business, IT and education.
His dream and passion is to design new devices using and applying Artificial Intelligence and EQ. The Six Seconds Neural Net tools will hopefully help him to make this true.

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