For those of you wondering about renewing your certification in 2018, there is still plenty of time to get the required 12 Accredited Continuing Educational (ACE) units before the end of the year.


The Last Chance EQ Café listed on the Six Seconds ACE Page has six projects for you to earn 12 ACE units between now and Dec 15th. After you have completed the project there is an additional step of requesting the ACE units. There have been some questions about these projects so let me talk about e-Learing 2 ways! 



1. Catch Up On eLearning Project

This option is for those folks who have taken certification courses that had no eLearning component to the course when you took it. Over the past several years the in-person Practitioner’s Course, Assessor’s Course, and other courses have had significant eLearning curriculum added to complete the initial requirements for certification. If you’ve never done the eLearning portion to your existing certification or if it has been a long time since you have done it, you can earn 12 ACE units completing the current eLearning for that course. 

In order to access the eLearning associated with a certification course, you need to request access from Jenny Wiley at [email protected] or if you are in Middle East, Africa or India Imran Mulla at [email protected].   They will check your certification and set you up to take the corresponding eLearning course.


2. Do A New eLearning Course Project

This option relates to the free eLearning course listed on here: If you complete any one of these courses between now and Dec 15 you can get 12 ACE units for that work. Access to these courses is automatic when you are signed into, no further registration is needed.


To Get Credit for taking either of these kinds of eLearning courses, or for the other projects listed in the Last Chance EQ Café, you must fill out the ACE Unit Request Form. In the form enter 12 for the number of hours involved and in the reflection box simply put in the name of the eLearning that you did. We’ll take it from there!


Should you have other questions you can always send them to me, David Tubley, at [email protected].





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