Launch Day is finally here. 

For many of us, who’ve been working on POP-UP Festival planning, it feels like we’ve been celebrating everyday as sign ups rolled in.  Each new country, new language to translate, new partner organization felt like getting a prize and we are all the winners.

 Today we get to share what we’ve built with you.

This is a gathering your stories and images. This is a sharing of our reach so you can feel proud of what we’ve accomplished already. As we collected your registrations, made your pins in the world map, we started to see common themes emerge.

POP-UP Festival Theme 1 

Kids are the answer:
People are energized to develop their communities by helping kids.

Kids are the most important thing in the world.
Charles Westheafer from Sydney Australia

I want to develop my community through education.
Tim Vorn from Phnom Penh Cambodia

Will welcome all info on healthy children. It is needed for our country.
Rev Hoge Rabura from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

This is to teach my numerous grandchildren as young as I can to better their lives in being able to express themselves properly. Who knows, I may even be able to help some adults too!
Beth Claric in Arlee, Montana USA

Over 1100 volunteers from around the world have signed up to host POP-UP Festivals to say:

YES I want to bring more wellbeing, emotional intelligence and children’s rights to my community.  

YES I want to connect with this community of inspiring people helping children to grow. 

YES I want to take action and help with leading, translating, sharing my story, selfie, network so that together we can make a movement

POP-UP Festival Theme 2

Look for the helpers:
POP- UP Festivals are a point of connection for people around the world reaching out to orphans, refugees, victims of abuse and natural disasters.

This Festival will be held in a high school, as part of a teacher training. The town has suffered severe damage during last years earth quake and after an evaluation with high school students we found that over half of them show signs of severe depression. The teachers will learn how to deal with this situation. If you have the material in spanish I would be more than grateful!! Thanks, Christina
Christina Marz Ring from Canoa Equador

I need this program to practice with orphan girls from age 9-17 as a part of program for self awarness and self-esteem building , the program was prepared for orphans who grow up in orphange and treated in bad and abusive manner , we look forward to help them to overcome all negative energy and destructive messages about self which they received from thier caregivers and Community as well
Fatema Mostafa Alla Giza Egypt

We Are Here Community Centre is very interested in running some activities around emotional intelligence with some of the children (and adults) in Nea Kavala camp. We are also interested in improving our own skills for the work that we do.
Nea Kavala Refugee Camp, Greece

Q: Where in the World are POP-UP Festivals?    A: 147 Countries

Smallest Country Participating
population 55,023

1 POP-UP Festival event

Largest Country Participating
population 1,379,000,000

30 POP-UP Festival events

POP-UP Festival Theme 3

Starting with one:
Individuals getting involved in POP-UP Festivals see their influence ripple outwards.  

Is it something I can sign up for even though I’m a kid? I have a lot of friends and can get a big play date together and or involve the Girl Scouts. 
Mary Goodel from Gorhsm, Maine USA

There is a roadside canteen in my neighbourhood and I plan to reach out to people on the event from that canteen.
Ruth Ramoifuila from Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands 

This post is just the start of a celebration of our month of POP-UP Festivals. Please send us more of your stories, feedback, experiences and especially pictures of your events.  

I am so lucky and thankful 10x to be working with our partner organizations, our Global Office team at 6seconds and the greater network of all our POP-UP Festival participants.  Today feels like so much winning!

Patty Freedman

Director of Marketing at Six Seconds
Patty is a graphic designer, researcher and specialist in visual communication. She is a voracious podcast listener especially interested in neuroscience and culture.

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