As we wrap up the third quarter EQ Cafes, we tip our hats to all the wonderful Network Leaders and Facilitators across the globe who held Connecting With Trust EQ Cafes.  Here are some of their thoughts and impressions, and a video of images shared from countries far and near. 

“Shams and I organized our first bilingual (english/arabic) EQ Café in Jeddah today with 26 participants of different cultural backgrounds, gender and native language. It was impressive to see the level of trust increase as time passed and the discussion growing deeper by the hour, even with the obstacles of languages and points of views. The exercise with the circles of trust turned out very powerful for some, generating discomfort as well for others and most importantly developing discussions that could have lasted the entire day if we had let them. The challenge and celebration parts brought great insights in people and was often a good take away for them. As usual, the café brought such interesting vibes between people that participants remained exchanging phone numbers at the end of the session and asking for new opportunities to meet again through the EQ cafés.” – Melanie Blanchard

“What a powerful emotion ! TRUST ! A great insights on how trust can be our driving force towards our relationships!” – Sereen Abu Maizar Wahbeh, Amman, Jordan

“Our aha moment was when we had to define trust, check out our personal trust balance sheet, discuss how to increase trust and during the Golden ball and Photography video. Everyone left with a determination to be more empathetic, to love more and to relate with people with understanding and curiosity rather than judgment. They were also able to understand the state of their friendships and relationships and wrote down action plans on how to forge stronger bonds. I loved the feeling I had while teaching too. Thank you!” – Oyinkansola Alabi, Lagos, Nigeria


“Contentment, relieved, joy, learning, shocking revelation about self, fun, involvement, curious, wanting more – these are some take away for my guests, today. Yippee !! Maiden EQ Cafe Session @ Chennai.- Brindha Kalyanaraman‎

“Great turnout. Wonderful experience. Great learning experience for self.” –Madhavi Gokhale, Pune, India

“Trust forms as an essential component of our social skills and competence, and there were comforting and some very uncomfortable questions answered in the cafe on trust! Deep insights and self-reflective, too!” – Shalini Behl, Mumbai, India


“Great group with a really high intensity of trust! They’ve taught each other more than I expected and I’ve learned more about self confidence because this experience has gone deep inside in my human values. Thanks a lot for this event to all the international Team and Josh.” –Maria Antonietta Duso, Treviso, Italy

“An interactive session – it was a pleasure having a dynamic group attending- A lot of reflection on how people connect better with Trust.

Amazing reflections and input. A lot of professional and personal experience sharing and reflections on how vital trust is, high and low trust factors & its importance in relationships.” – Yasmeen Al-Bulushi, Oman

Rachel Goodman

Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and communications professional, editor, producer, and writer for effective outcomes. Ms. Goodman has been a radio producer for much of her career, specializing in short features and documentaries. Some of her work includes Southern Songbirds: the Women of Early Country Music, Pastures of Plenty: A History of California's Farmworkers, and The Boomtown Chronicles: Reflections on a Changing California. Ms. Goodman teaches journalism at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz County. Her goals are to facilitate positive change in the world through effective communication, and to continue conducting her work with the highest level of integrity possible.

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