This July, Anabel Jensen, Six Seconds’ founder, Six Seconds Global Office members, Ilaria Boffa and Lorea Martinez, and Preferred Partners, Nomeda Maraziéné, participated to the 6th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence held in Porto-Portugal (ICEI 2017).
At the conference, researchers, university professors and consultants presented their latest studies, methodologies and assessments and Six Seconds was pleased to participate.

John Pellitteri, President of the Emotional Intelligence Society, opened the Congress and together with organiser, Luisa Faria, introduced the main keynote speakers.

Marc Brackett, Director of the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University, presented findings about six studies conducted in the US in the last two years involving thousands of students, teachers and workers. His research indicated that youth in high school and college, teachers working with children and youth, and employees in corporations feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired and bored.

Surprisingly, his research indicates that what students really hope to feel is not happiness, excitement or motivation but “being loved”. This has to do with isolation, loneliness.

Once more, this gives us evidence of a profound need for connection and trust among human beings.

Other interesting studies on the positive correlation between EQ, wellbeing (PISA study 2015) and health were presented by Pablo Berrocal, Director of the EQ Center at the University of Malaga (Spain), and Belgian researcher Moira Mikolajczak.

Six Seconds along with two of its Preferred Partners, Nomeda Maraziéné and her LEG from Lithuania and CoachUrself from Italy, took part in one of the several symposia and paper presentations hosted at the Congress, introducing their latest SEL cases based on the use of Six Seconds SEI assessments for adults and youth along with our Benchmarks for SEL implementation in schools.

You can read about them here:

– The Principals Research, L.Martinez, S.Stillman, P.Stillman
– Creating an EQ Inside School in Italy, I. Boffa, CoachUrself
– SEL in Lithuania, Nomeda Maraziené
– Six Seconds slides presented at the ICEI Symposium

The next ICEI conference will be run in two years in Australia, and we very much look forward to be part of it, again!”

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