From our daily interactions, “I don’t trust her with this,” to senior leadership, “The Board of Trustees,” even to the instruments of economy, “In God We Trust,” Trust is an emotion at the center of human interaction.

But what is trust, really? Can we measure it? What’s it for? How do we decide, and can we change it?

Trust Me?


Are you building and

sustaining enough trust?


This quarter, the Six Seconds community will focus on this pivotal resource: TRUST. After all, trust is an emotion; probably one of the most basic. So applying emotional intelligence we should be able to be smarter with trust… assessing it… building it… using it to (re)connect our relationships.

EQ Café: Connecting with Trust

In cities around the world, Six Seconds’ volunteer Network Leaders will be holding a powerful new free workshop, Connecting with Trust. In the workshop, participants will be challenged to understand trust at a deeper level, and the key factors that make trust something that we… well… trust! 

Most importantly, our community members around the globe will experience how trust grows and deepens intrapersonal and interpersonal connection, allowing us, individually and collectively, to take the risks required to step forward with purpose.

The schedule is online here, or, ask in the Facebook group about events near you.

Trust as the Currency of Organizational Performance

This quarter we’re releasing new research on trust as a driver of performance, and the massive correlation between trust and thriving. Keep checking here to sign up for free webinars on this powerful new research.

Here’s a key finding to whet your appetite: In the global study of over 1600 employees and managers, one of the lowest scoring items is, “Leaders here are sincere.” Scores on this item are highly correlated with trust; in fact, 83% of the variation in trust scores can be predicted from this one question.

Comparing line employees to senior managers on this question… are you surprised to learn that senior managers’ average answer is 21% higher than the average for front line employees?

Trust as the Basis of Learning

Later this month, members of the EQ Network will share a symposium at a major conference on social emotional learning in Porto, Portugal. In cases from multiple countries, we are seeing a common theme: the learning environment and the quality of relationships in that environment are major factors in student success.

This research inspired us to develop an amazing free tool — soon we’ll be sharing a powerful way for teachers to track and improve the climate in their classrooms.

Trust at the World EQ Summit

An incredible group of EQ experts will join together in Dubai and in Mumbai for The World EQ Summit 2017. Trust is one of the themes of the conference. Several of the speakers have contributed to an article on that key topic, including a free quiz and slides to download — look for that next week!

In the meantime, check out The World EQ Summit 2017 here

And, here’s a video from one of the Summit speakers, Lea Brovedani — defining trust and explaining the key concept in under a minute:

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