United Nations Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20th each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. Six Seconds participated by helping support three weeks of  workshops in 105 countries around the world.


The themes were, EQ for: self-awareness, better relationships, and a better world. Educators, parents, community leaders, and children celebrated emotional intelligence and children’s rights in a kaleidoscope of ways. Here are some impressions and quotes from participants. The faces and colorful clothes and smiles tell much of the story.


Gratitude tree, Synapse School, USA

May Duong, Six Seconds Director of Parent Education did an amazing job coordinating this world-wide celebration. She writes, “Students at Synapse School, Six Seconds lab school, celebrated Universal Children’s Day . The third/fourth grade class of Holly Risk and Hannah Gallagher, led a school-wide assembly on Gratitude. They expressed how grateful they are for the children’s rights protected by law and facilitated a gratitude activity in which all  students had the chance to reflect on gratitude.  Another group of students expressed their appreciation of children’s rights by creating an art sculpture, led by Macarena Reitze. Individually each of the children’s work represented the right to rest, play, think, speak,etc. “


ucd-lata-singh “It was a great experience and learning for me. Children’s enjoyed and I am still getting positive feedback. I will continue to spread my learnings and will try my best to make a happy world. Thank you for giving this opportunity. “

                                  – Lata Singh, India




“At Kishor Suryawanshi International School, Nasik celebrated as EQ Children’s Day! Based on the theme of ” How can we make the world better?” with EQ FLOURISHING in the world through creativity and not destructivity. With ucd-mumbai-indiacreative thought processing and mindfulness. Congratulations! Dr. Sudipta Sarka for making this happen in the school. Looking forward for more in future.”

Arati Vijay Suryawanshi , Mumbai, India



“A wonderful feeling that infuses optimism for a better future, by seeing them having fun expressing openly how they feel, think and act in different circumstances. I was very impressed and surprised jucd-albaniaoy at the same time, by the comment of a teacher who said that she never saw before a similar case where ALL children are engaged in positive spirit in a group activity, by sharing their feelings openly.”

                                   -Abdullah Veliu, Albania



ucd-gujarat2“Take back for the moms-  Protection of child labor and protection from sexual exploitation were the more prominent rights that stood out in the group. Children to be educated well so they understand their rights. To be more aware of the signs that affect an abused child. I think the moms became more aware of the child’s rights.” – 

                      -Shivani Joshi, Gujarat, India



ucd-portugal-collage“Today the older students from Domingos Capela Middle School, in the north of Portugal, visited the primary school next door and gave the 3rd and 4th graders a little something they had previously prepared – heart pendants with positive thoughts written on them and also some sweets. It was a lovely way to mark Universal Children’s Day 2016.”

                       – Maria Rocha, Espinho, Portugal




“In Qatar, we had the privilege of having an EQ fairy to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. Sumari, a Six Seconds EQ practioner took the role of Princess Joy and engaged children into activities that sparked creativity and fun. Princess Joy had ucd-qatar2goody bags, EQ workbooks, little EQ stars and EQ face drawings that kept every child entertained throughout the evening. We started off with a fun “name the feeling” activity followed by “emotional charades”.

-Kevin Herft, Sumari Bosman, and Lyka Chang, Qatar



ucd-nigeria8“In Nigeria…EQ Children’s Day…Great time with Parents, Teachers and Children..high point was Children’s Rights and Parent’s Responsibilities….By PAUSE FACTORY Emotional Intelligence Academy Nigeria.”

                         -Enahoro Okhae, Nigeria




Rachel Goodman

Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and communications professional, editor, producer, and writer for effective outcomes. Ms. Goodman has been a radio producer for much of her career, specializing in short features and documentaries. Some of her work includes Southern Songbirds: the Women of Early Country Music, Pastures of Plenty: A History of California's Farmworkers, and The Boomtown Chronicles: Reflections on a Changing California. Ms. Goodman teaches journalism at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz County. Her goals are to facilitate positive change in the world through effective communication, and to continue conducting her work with the highest level of integrity possible.