Emotional Intelligence skills for today’s parents at the center of new podcast from world’s largest emotional intelligence network

FREEDOM, Calif., Aug. 31, 2016  — On September 1, in time for “back to school” Six Seconds will launch a new parenting podcast called “Raising Humans”, designed to help parents navigate the emotional territory of parenting in today’s world. Anyone who has hurried their kids out the door for the first day of school knows emotions run high. The kids may be nervous, scared, or excited, and parents may be stressed or proud, or tired.

From handling mealtime meltdowns to managing one’s own emotions during stressful moments, this easy-to-download audio program includes parents’ stories, expert coaching, and tips for using emotional intelligence to increase empathy and harmony in the family. The show is designed to listen to on the way home from dropping off the kids.
“Raising Humans” is hosted by May Duong, Six Seconds Director of Parenting, and Rachel Anne Goodman, Six Seconds Communications Director and Peabody award winning radio producer.  Both are parents in different stages of raising humans, one with young children and another with grown kids.

“We know parents are wanting to do the best they can in this lifelong relationship of parent/child, but anyone who is a parent knows it’s not always easy. “Raising Humans” brings empathy, humor, and emotional intelligence to play in the most common of dilemmas and offers us another perspective on tapping our inner emotional wisdom.” –Josh Freedman, CEO, Six Seconds, parent of two.”


These 15-minute audio pieces are designed for busy parents who want to learn to deepen their emotional skills and help their children do the same. Parents offer stories of conflicts or challenges they faces with their children, and are given tips and tools to approach them in a different way. Some examples in the first series include “mealtime meltdowns”, “power struggles”, and “quality time in a busy world.” Listeners are invited to send in their own short stories via email or audio to be included in future shows.

Six Seconds model of emotional intelligence is at the center of the series. Each program explores a different one of eight competencies, from navigating emotions to increasing empathy and optimism. At the end of each show, parents will get tips for practicing these skills at home. Listeners can download to iTunes, listen to online, or subscribe to the podcast at:

For more information, contact: Rachel Anne Goodman, Communications Manager, Six Seconds, 831-419-9047, or May Duong, Director of Parenting Education.



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