P-seeking-refuge-FB-adSix Seconds featured on “Happy and Free” Podcast

What does it mean to seek and give refuge? That is the question that Six Seconds’ CEO Josh Freedman explores in this podcast interview with Val Mosley and Dan Lothian. Part of the “Heartbeings” project, this podcast celebrates people who give back to their communities and the world.


podcastListen to the entire podcast here:




Valerie-MosleyHost: Val Mosley has been selected as one of the most 50 Powerful Women in Corporate America and the Top 75 African Americans on Wall Street by Black Enterprise magazine.




Dan-LothianHost: Dan Lothian is a veteran TV news correspondent. Together they are committed to shining a spotlight on those making a difference in the world.




josh-blue-wall2015Six Seconds is honored they chose Six Seconds and Seeking Refuge as the subject of their latest show.



Rachel Goodman

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