What’s happening with emotional intelligence in the world? The State of the Heart provides new data on emotional intelligence from 100,000 people in 126 countries reveals important trends for everyone interested in EQ and wellbeing. Here’s a summary, and a form to get the full report free.



Are We Losing Emotional Intelligence?

One finding from the study: Scores on Total EQ (emotional intelligence) continue to decline globally. Since the 2014 State of the Heart, the biggest losses are in the competencies of …

  • Navigate Emotions -3.3% (maintaining emotional balance)
  • Engage Intrinsic Motivation -2.9% (motivation from the inside)
  • Increase Empathy – 2.4% (connecting compassionately with others)

So, globally people are more emotionally volatile, less self-motivated, and less compassionate – but maybe they’re starting to think more about their choices. Meanwhile, emotional intelligence scores are massively correlated with performance, with 55% of the variation in four key success factors predicted by EQ.

Josh Freedman, coauthor of the study and CEO of Six Seconds observes,”The bad news is emotional intelligence continues to decline globally. I hypothesize this is due to growing stress and chaos in the world — maybe that’s also why the analysis found that emotional intelligence is essential for top performance. In the study we found people which higher-than-average EQ are dramatically more likely to be high performers — it means that essentially, EQ is a requirement.”

EQ for Performance

SOH16 talent changesThe 2016 State of the Heart compares global regions, gender, and also focuses on business. The report introduces key emotional intelligence trends in management, reaffirming that emotional intelligence is key to career success. It also demonstrates a methodology for assessing key talents in specific roles.

“What are the drivers of People performance inside your company? Today WE Can measure it and what you measure is what you get.” – Massimiliano Ghini, Director, MGMTLAB.eu

This “Changing Talents” slide shows a global trend in changing talents, and is an example of the data found in the State of the Heart report — fill in the form below to get the full report.


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