Wisdom postcard coverWisdom 2.0 which takes place in San Francisco on February 20-23, is a conference unlike any other. Born out of a desire to bridge the seemingly vast gap between the digitally connected world and the need for wisdom and human connection, the event convenes those engaged in tapping into the wisdom of the ages, be it spirituality, meditation or movements for social justice. The wisdom of emotional intelligence weaves through many of the events and talks.


WisdomWisdom’s founder, author Soren Gordhamer walked around the world and as he was on his journey, came up with the idea of the gathering. He says, “We’re finding in an age which is becoming more digital, people are asking how to find the right balance between all these digital devices, and the face to face world. It is a gathering of people that are not just part of the same community, but people who are gathered together to find meaning in the context of this digital world. That’s what we serve.”

prince-eaAmong the speakers whose names you may recognize are songwriter, rapper, Prince Ea, the “king of brainy hip-hop” whose videos about connection and embracing real communication have been viewed by millions people.

(See the video below – share your feelings in the comments).


jkz_preferred_headshot_300pxAnd scientist/author, Jon Kabat-Zin who is a professor of medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he was founding executive director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, and founder (in 1979) and former director of its world-renown Stress Reduction Clinic. His work has inspired countless people to embrace the mind-body connection through meditation.


ram-dass-by-kathleen-murphyRam Dass, author of “Be Here Now” and other groundbreaking books, will share his wisdom on death and dying and spirituality. Zen priests, Tibetan monks, Qi Gong masters, the list of venerable speakers is long and it would take more than three days to fully experience the conference.



Six Seconds’
Joel Woodlief and Mariaelena Welch will also be present at our Six Seconds booth sharing the tools and wisdom of emotional intelligence from our organization. They will be inviting participants to explore their brain styles and engage in learning activities.


From the land down under to the Bay Area…

AG_8_400x400Also attending will be Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner, Angela Giacoumis of Careerlink Training and Recruitment Services in Australia. She is flying half way around the world to attend this important event, because, she says, “As a leader of a people solutions company I am passionate about challenging our clients to review their people strategies to incorporate social and emotional capabilities…the Wisdom conference is unique in that it brings together new distinctions in leadership, the latest in neuroscience and mindfulness to challenge us all to think differently about how we lead and develop our people.”

The Wisdom of EQ Free Webinar – March 9th

Would you like to know how to put the wisdom of emotional intelligence to work for you?

Six Seconds, a global leader in emotional intelligence, recently had a booth at Wisdom 2.0, the premiere conference on connecting people through technology to promote well-being, effectiveness at work, and meaningful contributions to the world. Join this exciting webinar and learn about the breakthroughs shared at the conference, as well as Six Seconds’ models and programs to enhance vitality in your personal and professional life through the wisdom of EQ.

What:  Online Webinar presentation 

When:  March 9 – 9:00 am Pacific (San Francisco) World Times

How: Click HERE to Register for the Live Webinar (includes a link to the recording) or the Recording Only.

Why do we need the wisdom of emotions?

Here’s one of Prince Ea’s most famous poems – maybe it’s a call for more of us to practice emotional intelligence?


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