Emotional Intelligence Key to Positive Change in Saudi Arabia and Sudan

emotional intelligence Saudi Arabia

Dubai, UAE (December 22, 2015):  Doroob becomes the first “Preferred Partner” for bringing emotional intelligence to education in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, offering robust tools and methods to support school children, educators, parents and communities in implementing social emotional learning. The data is increasingly compelling: the learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence are key to performance.  But how can this science turn into action for children in Saudi Arabia and Sudan?

Doroob, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to learning and leadership development. Doroob provides general education scholarships for gifted and creative students, emphasizing Leadership and 21st century skills development for adults working in the educational arena with youth and children. Doroob operates in Saudi, Sudan and with plans for further expansion in Africa.

Jayne Morrison, the Regional Network Director of Six Seconds in Middle East, Africa and India, says, “Solafa Adel Batterjee, the CEO of Doroob, has been a committed member of our network for a number of years and we are delighted to be collaborating to support their vision of empowering children to create positive impact everyday, everywhere.”

Doroob Saudi ArabiaWhy is emotional intelligence important? Recently, a multi-year case study at FedEx found that increasing emotional intelligence is linked to 72% of the program participants experiencing large increases in effective decision making; 60% reported an increase in their quality of life, and 58% showed major improvements in Influence.  The “Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership” paper was published by Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network.  These are the key skills needed by leaders everywhere.

Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network is a global network supporting people to create positive change by developing emotional intelligence.  The global not-for-profit organization turns current science into practical tools and methods that partners, such as Doroob, can use to fuel performance.

Joshua Freedman, global CEO for Six Seconds, says, “The Doroob team members are role models of emotional intelligence and a profound commitment to whole-heartedly contributing to a better world. We are deeply honored to partner with them to support a flourishing of education in Saudi Arabia and Africa.”

The organization’s vision is that by 2039, a billion people will be practicing the skills of emotional intelligence.  As shown in the case study above, when people practice those skills, their lives are more successful, healthier, and they make better decisions.

Six Seconds is one of the first, and the largest organization dedicated to emotional intelligence.  Members include authors, scientists, coaches, trainers and educators in nearly 100 countries.  For information, see www.6seconds.org.

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