Talents for Tolerance Workshops Inspire More EQ Activities

We finally did our Talents for Tolerance workshop. It was a big success.  We had 70 dental interns in King Abdulaziz University School of Dentistry  in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia participate in our workshop. We sent them invitations  and they did the survey. The response was great (95%). At the beginning of the workshop, some of them mentioned  that, it was their first time to hear about tolerance, while many of them were confused about its meaning.

SONY DSCMany were viewing tolerance on the negative side of the spectrum while few saw its optimistic side. By the end of the discussion the majority understood the real meaning of tolerance and saw it in a good and positive way.  All of them were eager to listen and were excited and wanted to learn more about that topic. They were so into the discussions at the end and expressed their feelings and revealed some stories about their experiences with tolerance.  They requested  another session with more time to go deeper into the issues. Others recommended we give that workshop to their colleagues and their staff.  

IMG_6852The environment was very friendly and the workshop went very smoothly and at ease. Some of the interesting comments we received were: “Tolerance helps us to withstand difficulties”, “It is the key to success and self development”, and “Life with it will never be the same”.

It was a pleasure for us conducting that workshop. It was a very interesting and learning experience for us as it was for the participants. We sincerely appreciate your making us part of your team and sharing that activity with the rest of the world. We are looking forward to sharing more activities with you. Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Yours, Ghada


Because of the positive feedback and great reviews we received after the workshop, we got very excited and obligated to go an extra mile and increase the awareness of our school community about Tolerance. So we decided to develop an awareness campaign in all King Abdulaziz University Medical Campuses. So we started by doing an event in the School of Dentistry and the King Abdulaziz University Dental Hospital at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and we named it ” Awareness Day of TolIMG_5060erance”.  

As you can see, we picked a vital location in the dental School to produce the most attention possible and we designed two roll ups with the  title of our previous workshop “Talents for Tolerance” and the United Nations Day of Tolerance celebration explaining about the tolerance concept and  placed them at each end of a big table that we set specially for this event. We also used the two boards of ” Vision” and “Tolerance” as main attraction for our table. 

IMG_5207On the table we put the print out of the slide of hate and compassion to explain where they think tolerance is and where we should be on the spectrum. We also laid out the set of talents cards to explain to them the brain apps and asked them to do the survey.  We also asked them about their vision and asked them to write it on a sticky note and put it on the board of vision, where we had on one side the vision of the dental interns who participated in the workshop and on the other side the vision of the visitors of our table in the awareness day.

 IMG_5155The table  was visited by more than 250 people from staff, faculty, interns, employees and dental students.  They were all curious, and were asking about the meaning of tolerance and wanted to learn more about their talents and the ways to develop them. The event was scheduled for only an a hour of the lunch time, however it lasted for more than three hours, but we felt that it only lasted less than an hour. The energy was positive and the environment was peaceful and enjoyable.

Also the dean and all the vice deans of the dental school were very excited and interested, and shared with us their thoughts  about tolerance. They  asked us to post that info of that event and of the workshop on the school website and the university website. They wanted us to do more workshops for the staff and faculty and to do another day of awareness in the general hospital of the university.

Some of the interesting comments that the visitors shared with us are: “I believe that tolerance is one of the tributaries for sustainable development”, “Tolerance gives peace and happiness”, “It makes us human” and “It improves the quality of life”.

Thank you again for making us part of your team.
Looking forward to share more workshops with you.


Dr. Ghada Hussein Naguib
Dr. Abeer Mohamed Alnowaiser
Dr. Amal Sindi
Dr. Mohamed Tharwat Hamed

Rachel Goodman

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