Sam VanZandt of KBAY’s South Bay Sunday in San Jose, California interviews Six Seconds’ Director of Parenting Education, May Duong about how to prevent bullying at home and at school.

Sam started by asking May how a teacher or parent would go about helping a bully realize the effects of their actions and begin to change.

“A bully is someone who doesn’t know how to articulate their emotions. We would start with emotional literacy, that there are more ways to deal with anger than bullying someone. “

“Kids can become the agents of their own emotions and that every act effects someone else. We promote kindness through emotional intelligence.”

Does it take a consequence for a bully to learn what happens when they bully?

sad1“When bullies get angry they lash out. If he can understand that this is his pattern, he can take responsibility for his actions.”

How do you redirect a bully?

“Six Seconds focuses more on a proactive approach to bullying. We are a program that is prevention but not remediation. We help schools integrate social emotional learning into the curriculum. At Synapse School where my children go, we teach social emotional learning alongside math and science. These kids learn to express their emotions, that they are a part of life, and they learn intrinsic motivation.”

Bully-8e5a9bc6“We teach kids that they can stand up for their peers and model peaceful interactions. Don’t be a bystander, be an upstander.”



Listen to the radio interview here:

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