20,000 prepare to celebrate United Nations International Day for Tolerance with Six Seconds

Talents-toleranceTalents for Tolerance is a series of over 700 workshops promoted by Six Seconds around the world in honor of the UN Day for Tolerance (November 16) with free Emotional Intelligence Workshops in 25 countries. Currently there are 21,422 people signed up for workshops. Six Seconds is pleased to sponsor Talents for Tolerance in support of the idea of increasing tolerance and acceptance worldwide.

The United Nations declared November 16 as the International Day for Tolerance. Talents for Tolerance is an initiative by Six Seconds to encourage us to collaborate on sharing emotional intelligence — and adding our voices to call for a more compassionate, tolerant, and just world.

All around the world the week of November 14-20 volunteers are presenting workshops on tolerance and emotional intelligence, and offering a free Six Seconds Brain Talents Profile for participants. Workshops will take place in churches, mosques, schools, community centers, living rooms, and universities; anywhere people gather in their town.

To search for a “live” event near you: events for live events:  www.6seconds.org/events

There are also several free online webinars people can join by going to: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/six-seconds-386290235?s=4713108

What is a Brain Talents Profile?


Each of us has strengths and talents we come by naturally or have cultivated over time. The 18 “Brain Apps” describe unique, powerful capabilities to create performance and positive change. Using the metaphor that the brain is like a smart phone and contains many useful “apps”, this assessment produces a list of your brain’s most prominent talents. These include talents such as connection, data mining, design, problem solving, critical thinking, emotional insight and collaboration. www.6seconds.org/brain

For more information on the Talents for Tolerance project, please see:


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