The conference room at the Oman Banking Institute Symposium was full of people from an industry often focused on the bottom line and data. What place do emotions have in this world? Plenty, it turns out.  The 3-day workshop was called ‘Improving Institutional Performance Through Emotional Intelligence.’ and its focus was women’s leadership, communication skills and stress management in the banking industry. Presenters were Six Seconds’ Jayne Morrison, Regional Network Director, Middle East/Africa:








Ramona Miranda, Founder of INSPIRA:








Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi, Assistant Dean for Academic Support and Student Affairs at the College of Banking and Financial Studies in Oman, one of the event’s sponsors.D52A3335






Jayne Morrison described the impact of EQ on success in companies like banks.  “It has direct impact on the success of an organisation and an individual as well as it is directly related to competencies in the areas of relationships, health, effectiveness decision making, influence, career success, quality of life and many more.”

Given the focus on data in banking, there were some participants who entered the room skeptical about how emotions could help them succeed. After conducting an interactive session Jayne commented,

“I am delighted to know that banking industry, which is quite technical and intellectual industry, has awakened in Oman for emotional intelligence.”








Read articles about the conference in the Oman Daily Observer newspaper here:

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