Back to School: Emotional intelligence featured on CBS radio

In this in-depth interview on CBS’ WFAN radio in New York, Bob Salter interviews Joshua Freedman about emotional intelligence for “back to school.” What is emotional intelligence? How can it help young people in school — by building the skills and connections that can reduce bullying and suicide while improving academic success.

Salter and Freedman also discuss the importance of EQ to help people understand and manage stress — at school, but also for everyone from police officers to NFL players.

Listen here:

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And see the show’s archives on CBS.


EQ can help reduce, school violence, stop bullying and prevent teen suicide,” says Joshua  Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds.

“In our work in schools, we need to teach students, from kindergarten up, how to handle emotions and thus make educational institutions a better place,” adds Freedman noting, “we should teach social and emotional skills in our schools. “

Teens “If EQ was taught in schools, we could prevent much misery in childhood and adulthood,” declares Freedman who has drawn on a decade of experience applying emotional intelligence to leading change and a practical roadmap to make change work. Test scores have become a measurement of school success. But tests only go so far to measure real learning. What if emotional intelligence was more important than mere command of facts? New studies show a strong correlation between EQ and academic success.

Six Seconds

Six Seconds supports people to create positive change - everywhere... all the time. Founded in 1997, the organization now has offices in 11+ countries and certified practitioners in over 100, and is the world's preeminent resource for putting emotional intelligence into action.

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