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  1. the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.
  2. the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.

What happens when you walk into a fancy hotel and some staff treat you like they don’t really care?  Do you want to come back?  On the other hand, what happens when staff is genuinely hospitable and you feel that warmth and welcome? 


Business people shaking handsWhile hotels can invest in a stunning property, the human-to-human interaction shapes the guest experience. At the heart, hospitality is all about connecting authentically and having the emotional insight to understand customers’ wants and needs. In other words, to be truly hospitable, hoteliers need to practice emotional intelligence. In the Netherlands, Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner, Bluegg is providing a practical approach to emotional intelligence that helps hospitality professionals increase the skills to create that all-important personal connection.

bluegg logoBluegg is an organization established by Dennis Crijns and Eddy Vandeweyer located in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Bluegg has been working with Six Seconds’ SEI assessments tools for the last year and combining this with their expertise on Body Language for Business: a powerful combination to explain the importance and the positive effect of bringing EQ and Body Language into action.

IMG_0157In June, Bluegg was invited to share Six Seconds’ model of emotional intelligence with a major player in the region’s hospitality industry, FMN Kring Hospitality.

Here are some reflections from Bluegg’s co-founder, Dennis Crijns on the two workshops: one on Body Language and the other on the Six Seconds “Brain Brief Profile”:





The workshop on Body Language was all about the phenomenal first impression; the importance of a handshake, a smile and what eyes, and even the position of the hands, can tell someone about your intentions.  Participants said learning these skills will help them to have pleasant and open conversations with their guests.




Brain Styles can help hotel staff connect to guests



The Brain Brief Profile gave participants insights in preferences of their brain and how they can use their strengths to better communicate with guests. People with opposite brain styles were paired up so they could discuss their differences and learn from them.







Hospitality is all about emotions


 One participant said, “EQ helps staff to better connect with their guests. Hospitality is about emotions and feelings. Staff will be able to see non-verbal signals and also notice if the verbal and non-verbal signals are congruent. Empathy and exercising optimism are very important competencies that will help us to anticipate clients’ needs in a hospitable way and give our  guests that wonderful welcome feeling.”



“Authentic” is the word that participants used to describe how they want to be in their work. EQ is not some kind of magic trick, but it really helps leaders to be authentic. This will help leaders to be the leader that people want to follow.




Bluegg will be continuing to spread the word about EQ in the Netherlands because we believe that it will help people to be more successful in their jobs and lives.


– Dennis Crijns



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