ayman-sawaf-azlanAre you a parent who’s dealing everyday with stress, challenging family relationships, and wanting to offer your kids the best future they could have?

Well, welcome to the club!

During the upcoming Six Seconds’ Vitality Conference 2015 we will try to support you and the parental community to become more “Vital”.

Being a vital parent means increasing emotional awareness, balancing complexity and being intentional, and creating positive connections with children through empathy and optimism.

 These amazing speakers will guide us in this journey. Please join them! You’ll live the vital parent experience!

Monday March 16th

Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

9am Nicole Williams: Chaos, Clutter & Helping Kids Create Calm           

Are children suffering from information overload?

The world is a noisy, chaotic place.

How do we teach kids to limit distractions, focus inward, and manage stress in order to be successful in school and in life ? How do we become more present and focused for our kids?

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Sue McNamara

Tuesday March 17th

5am Sue McNamara: Raising EQ                                                                   

What’s the effect of parental and teacher EQ on children? 

At the start of the experiment, teachers and parents describe their typical interactions with children as transactional and rushed … we can all relate!  But with a little added emotional intelligence, the tone changes.  Increasing the adult’s EQ scores by just 10-15% creates a transformation in the way children behave.

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Ann Corwin

Wednesday March 18th

11am Dr. Ann Corwin: Emotions Before Explosions      

How can EQ help parents navigate the meltdowns?  Parents want to know why their kids behave the way they do.

Dr. Ann Corwin will provide you the meaning of behavior driven by childrens’ feelings for this missing piece to the parenting puzzle.

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Giuliana Salmaso

1 pm Giuliana Salmaso: PreQ – What are the Essential Skills for Young Children Today?                                                       

If you could give pre-schoolers 3 skills to create the future, what would you choose?  What are the skills preschool children need to thrive today and tomorrow? We recently surveyed parents and educators, the result is compelling: It’s all about connecting, creativity, and change. Check out the survey (http://goo.gl/UjdD41) and come discuss the results.

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Thursday March 19th


Lauren Hyman Kaplan

7am Lauren Hyman Kaplan: Parenting with EQ

Did you know your child’s EQ is a better predictor of success than their IQ? Did you know that a child’s ability to handle frustration, control emotions, and get along with others is a better predictor of success than IQ? Research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) increases healthy relationships, academic achievement, and overall success in life.

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