Have you ever met someone who seems unstoppable?  Even when life is complex and you’re thinking, “there’s no way…,” she makes things happen. I think of my 94 year-old grandmother who is too-busy-to-talk-right-now because she’s preparing for a ballroom dance competition.

That’s VITALITY.  

I want more. At work, at home, in my daily life.  How about you?


Two definitions: (1) “the state of being strong and active; energy” and (2) “the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.” They are both essential pieces in the puzzle of how business, schools, and humans succeed.  


Power from the Inside

In Japanese, there’s a word, “Genki” – 元気 – it’s translated as health, but literally it means the energy of life, or life force.  People who are full of Genki have a fire inside, a spark.  They feel great, and just being with them is refreshing. What if we could increase that kind of energy — in our own lives, in our schools, and in our businesses?  What if we had teams, organizations, and communities full of this force? 


Unlocking Vitality

Think further on that “Genki” person.  Or, maybe you’ve had the fortune to be part of a team or organization with that spark?  What fuels that vitality?   In part it is from the mind.  From insight and clarity. In part it is from the body.  From health and wellbeing. In part it is from the heart.  From passion and connection.  

Perhaps most importantly, it’s the intersection of all three.  The fusion of head + hands + heart, aligned and focused on a worthy purpose.   In The Vital Organization, Max Ghini and I wrote about why and how leaders can create this kind of enterprise.   It requires moving past the “management science” created in the 1950s, and understanding how people really work in groups and as individuals. The same applies in every sector.  To be and do our best — and to lead and teach others to flourish in growing complexity — we need Vitality.




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