Stress is going up in the world — which makes emotional intelligence even more important!  Research shows that EQ skills are key to managing complexity. As complexity increases, we need to work harder and more directly to put EQ skills into place. What about in business, education, family & government in Singapore and Malaysia?

Awareness is growing, but the question over and over: How do we actually USE emotional intelligence?  How can we apply these skills in a scientifically robust way that is practical?  This November, it’s time for the answer.  Tools and methods to apply emotional intelligence. See the events for November, 2015 below.


How about in Singapore and Malaysia?

The latest emotional intelligence data for Singapore & Malaysia has good news and bad news.  As of today, based on 1170 assessments in English from SG & MY in 2014 so far… but first: If you’re based in SEA, please take this brief survey and let us know how we can help you spread emotional intelligence.

The good news:  For people in the region, emotional intelligence predicts almost 60% of the variation in performance (ie, a combination of influence, decision-making, quality of life, health, relationship quality, and effectiveness):


Since The Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence is a set of learnable competencies:  It means that we have a clear path to improve these work & life outcomes.


The Bad News: Leadership Gap in SEA

Comparing SENIOR MANAGERS in Singapore+Malaysia to the sample of senior leaders from the whole world, a concerning picture emerges:


The three largest gaps:

#1: Navigate Emotions — this skill allows leaders to tune into their emotions and harness them (not just control feelings).  It’s essential for leaders themselves to handle emotions — and moreover, for creating the right emotional tone for employees to flourish.

#2: Exercise Optimism — leaders with this skill are solution-finders; it’s key to innovating and getting out of the box — rather than following someone else’s path.

#3: Engage Intrinsic Motivation — where many people are driven by external factors (carrots and sticks), this capacity lets people drive from within.  For leaders, it’s invaluable for creating momentum in self and others.

In the “almost good news” category, the SEA group is “neck in neck” with the global sample on Pursue Noble Goals (putting vision & purpose into action) and Apply Consequential Thinking (looking before you leap).

What to do?  The solution is to embed powerful EQ development in educational institutions and in L&D for every company that wants to stand out in the global market.


Let’s Go! Time for EQ in Singapore, Emotional Intelligence in Malaysia

The Six Seconds EQ Certifications are a proven approach, and over 500 professionals in the region have attended the programs over the last decade.  Now, for the first time ever, the “Advanced EQ Trainer” program is also coming to Singapore.

Join us to tap the power of emotional intelligence — all the certifications are ICF Accredited:

Why When/Where What Brochure
Proven methods for using EQ to create positive change Nov 1-3 & 8-9Tokyo EQC: The EQ Certification  brochure
Metrics to drive the people-side of performance: Leadership, Team, and Organizational Vitality Nov 13-14Singapore VSC: Vital Signs Consultant Certification  
Identify essential steps for creating value from EQ in business Nov 14, 7:30-9:00 amSingapore Executive Breakfast
Connect with fellow network members committed to practicing & sharing EQ Nov 15, 10:00-14:00Singapore EQ Network Meetup
Proven methods for using EQ to create positive change Nov 17-21Singapore EQC: The EQ Certification  brochure
Create world-class EQ development (EQC Alumni only) Nov 17-21Singapore EQAT: EQ Advanced Trainer  brochure
Supercharge your coaching with the EQ assessment & EQ coach methodology Nov 22-25Singapore CEQ: Coaching EQ Certification Emotional Intelligence Certification for Coaches
See the latest data and applications of EQ in Japan Nov 28Tokyo EQ Conference


EQ Development Partners

The November EQ events are presented by Six Seconds in collaboration with our network of Preferred Partners, including:









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