How can hoteliers create that elusive energy that “infects” guests with delight?  Hospitality Business ME offers a feature article offers new data and insights.   The key is insight and skill to leverage feelings — emotional intelligence.

“The emotional intelligence of a manager has a direct impact on the engagement of teams, and therefore, performance.”

More excerpts below and link to full article.

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Jayne Morrison, Six Seconds’ Regional Network Director for Middle East & Africa was interviewed in Dubai


The key message is that emotions are contagious and while it’s imperative for every team member to develop their EQ skills, the idea of emotional contagion is especially crucial to those at the top.  As Morrison deducts: “The person who has the most power has the most contagious emotions.”

Again, referring to the science behind ‘mirror neurons’, this mean that, no matter where you sit in an organization, your EQ has impact on the guest experience, and ultimately, their loyalty.  Service quality filters from the top down.

“Today, if hoteliers are not first of all using EQ as part of the recruitment process then secondly embedding that in their L&D, they are really missing the point.  These skills are like muscle; know they exist, exercise them daily and you will have a much calmer, balanced customer-focused environment.  An environment that creates magical experiences for guests, builds loyalty and creates customer advocacy.”

Worryingly, however, the data also shows EQ is in a state of global decline [referring to the recent State of the Heart Report].  According to Morrison, this is due to a number of factors, , but perhaps the most surprising is the role of technology in our rapidly paced lives.

“In the average day we have more sensory stimulation than our grandparents had in a year.  This level of complexity in our everyday lives is incredibly challenging and is one of the reasons we hypothesize EQ is decreasing.”

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