Six Seconds members with Lea Brovedani at the South Africa Summit. Photo from Jonathan Low.

How did you get started in emotional intelligence?  “I was just blessed to have the people who created ’emotional intelligence’ and were writing the books and writing the papers… I would hear the background information… so I got to learn emotional intelligence at a very deep level from the people who were creating emotional intelligence… and after that, how could I do anything else?”

In an interview with Robin Hills from Ei4Change at the South Africa EQ Summit, Lea Brovedani shared how she got involved in the emotional intelligence community, and how that’s informed her work on TRUST.

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The Foundations of Trust

“I was using an instrument that Six Seconds created called the OVS, Organizational Vital Signs, and what the OVS did was measured organizational climate, and it gave a trust measure.  What I started observing was: You can see the emotional intelligence of the organization and people by how much they trust each other.

Then trust started to really interest me.  The mechanics of trust.  Could you grow trust?

Six Seconds talked about trust in terms of caring, consistency, commitment, competence — and I added communication as the bedrock.  For trust to be real, you have to communicate.  People have to hear it – and to feel it.

Trusted: A Leader's Lesson, by Lea Brovedani - business book

For more information on Lea Brovedani’s work, check her author page on 6seconds.org:  Lea Brovedani on Trust and Emotional Intelligence.


Lea is the author of a powerful parable about trust — how it’s broken, and how a leader and rebuild it… starting by learning to trust himself.

TRUSTED: A Leader’s Lesson

Hunter Birkett, CEO, has it all — except the skills to build trust. When Hunter first appears, he is bankrupt – financially and spiritually. TRUSTED is a tale of a leader’s rise and fall — and the story of all managers working to become leaders, committed to building strong relationships and true performers. A book for every leader, TRUSTED is the perfect blend of inspiration, struggle, humor and practical advice.

“What better way to learn than to see the theme of trust playing out in life’s moments.”
– Andre Misso, VP HR, LTROD, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank

“An enjoyable read with important insights for business and for life, don’t miss it.”
– Paul J. Zak, Author, The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity

“A must read for anyone who wants to be successful in a business world where trust is critical but so seldom demonstrated.”
– Susan Sweeney, CA CSP HoF, President, Connex Network Inc

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recorded at the South Africa EQ Summit

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