Empathy is one of the vital competencies of the 21st century. Empathy is related to collaboration, building trust, problem solving, health, and peaceful resolution of conflict. It is an essential component of leadership and critical to success in business and education. Empathy and compassion may even be key to the survival of the human race.

Empathy can be viewed even more broadly as compassionate action.  So we’re inviting you to this Empathy Adventure — where we’ll come together online to discuss the many types of empathy and then perform a few simple acts of empathy that will ripple out to many others. Through personal stories of group members and empathy “experts,” the group will develop a deep awareness of empathy.  We’ll observe what happens when we invite empathy to be more present in our lives, and document the way it affects us and our interaction with others.

Over approximately six weeks, the project will follow these three stages –

Group members will take an assessment before and after the project to measure progress. Beginning with a baseline measurement, participants will increase their empathy through shared reflection and actions.

Group members will watch a few video clips and explore websites on Empathy to establish a few common experiences from which to begin sharing experiences.

Participants will join 3-4 virtual meetings . Recordings available if they cannot join. These sessions will distill key ideas of how to invite empathy, and result in a simple action step that all participants can practice.

In small “pods,” members will connect through GotoMeeting, GoogleHangOut or other services, and the whole team will share empathy awareness in a private group on EQ.org.

At the end, participants will synthesize their learning by identifying key recommendations for inviting and sharing empathy.  The groups will blog posts and/or produce a collaborative webinar for sharing their experiences.


Are you ready to start the Adventure? If yes …

Some resources will introduce you to this journey:

Dr.Susan Stillman, Director of Education at Six Seconds, explains what Empathy means, check-it out .. it is insightful:


Enjoy Pay-It-Forward clip, and if you have time watch the whole movie … it’s worth your time!  You can spread Empathy too … simple acts to change the world …

Pay-it-forward clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw0Lvr4eK-k

If you like, this is another engaging video … because Empathy comes in waves and you can discover benefits immediately or after a long swim of life!

The Theft video: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/video-tear-jerking-ad-shows-gift-giving-article-1.1458181#

Please surf these amazing sites to learn more:





Start: June 20, 2014
End: July/August, 2014





Ilaria Boffa

Ilaria is a Program Manager supporting emotional intelligence in education.She's based in Italy and works on Six Seconds' global team.

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