I was recently asked for recommended reading:  “Help!  I desperately need emotional intelligence tips for dealing with my 2-year-old.”  Here are a few ideas.  If you have additional recommendations, please share in the comments!

This series – Your 1-Year-Old… Your 2-Year-Old… Your 3-Year-Old… Classic Books about child development in general. After 30 years, these are still best sellers and all psychologists have them. While they do not have specific EQ or neuroscience, they are great for understanding behavior and development.


Tried and true. John Medina is always amazing. This book is like his others, with practical neuroscience and “how to”s for kids 1-5.



A new resource (2013). I was excited when I found something like this on the shelves (and reminds me I need to get to work on adding to that!) Still looking through it myself. But nicely covers the basics in easy to understand language.

I’m hoping to see Dan Siegel at a conference in a couple weeks. I’ll see if he has a follow up to Brainstorm in the works. If you haven’t seen that one, it’s written for a 14-20 year old reader and their parents on adolescent brain development. Given his fabulous insight into the brain, I’d like to see what he recommends for better understanding the little ones!


What other emotional  intelligence reading would you recommend to parents and caregivers of preschoolers? Why?

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