Robin Hills from Ei4Change has done a wonderful job of editing a mini interview he did with Jayne Morrison at the EQ Africa Summit — about Jayne’s work with Six Seconds spreading emotional intelligence, and particularly how to bring EQ to serious businesses.  An excerpt is below.

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Six Seconds members with Jayne Morrison at the South Africa Summit. Photo from Jonathan Low.

“The key learning for me over the last decade… when I’m speaking with a client, I need to enter their reality…

…so I need to use their language, which may not necessarily always be emotional language. I need to talk to them about potential outcomes, and once I have them bought into the successes we can drive. Then I can use what I know to be the emotional intelligence toolset to help them get there.

We know, as practitioners, that emotional intelligence drives engagement.  What does engagement do?  Well engagement drives performance.  So what is performance in terms of an organization?

Well performance is obviously down to profitability, and down to efficiency.

It’s impacted by employee retention.  It’s impacted by the systems and processes that are put in place.  It’s impacted by the organization’s strategy.  And all of these things we can define in emotional intelligence terms, or assist them by using emotional intelligence.”


Jayne Morrison is the Regional Network Director for Six Seconds Middle East & Africa.  Connect on the MEA regional page.

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