What’s the Status of EQ in the World Today?

Revealing new research on trends, opportunities and assets in six world regions — the kickoff session from the 2014 EQ Week Festival.

Tracking the trends of emotional intelligence, we’ll share new research on EQ hotspots and “climate change” in this analysis of global data on EQ. To create a strategic vision of emotional intelligence in the world, we need data. Where are we?  Where are we going?

In the video below, we will share:

  • The first-ever “State of the Heart” report showing global trends in emotional intelligence.
  • Key considerations of EQ strengths and risks in world regions.
  • Compelling insights on the growing need for emotional intelligence.

See the highlights & download the new State of the Heart report here.

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Your Presenters:

Joshua Freedman 

Joshua Freedman is CEO and a founder of the world’s most extensive emotional intelligence organization, Six Seconds. He leads a network of 50,000 changemakers teaching skills so people are more aware, intentional, and purposeful – so people and organizations do better.

Freedman is one of a handful of experts in the world with over 15 years of full-time, proven experience in emotional intelligence development. He is the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership and of INSIDE CHANGE, plus seven psychometric assessments in 12 languages (including the SEI Brain Brief and Organizational Vital Signs), working with clients such as the US Navy, FedEx, Make A Wish, the UN, HSBC and Emaar. Freedman is one of the most prolific contributors to making the science of emotional intelligence practical and transformational.

Massimilano “Max” Ghini

Massimiliano (Max) Ghini is the Director of the Center for Innovative Management and the author of INSIDE CHANGE and of seven remarkable psychometric assessments that provide powerful insight to the people-side of performance.  Ghini is professor of management at one of the oldest universities in the West, Alma Graduate School, and an expert on organizational transformation.

His research, articles and findings were published on Fortune, Ilsole24ore, and Direzione del Personale. He is a speaker, consultant, and coach with a wide experience in management and human resources management. He took a degree in Political Economics at the University of Bologna. While he attended the University he launched a start up for business services. After earning a master’s degree in International Business from MIB School of Management University of Triest, he worked as HR assistant and responsible for external relations at the business school. Max worked in Milan at Ergon Executive Search Deloitte Consulting Group as executive search consultant. After this experience he focused his activity as a consultant on organizational development linking EQ and performance and change management issues.

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Joshua Freedman

Joshua is one of the world’s preeminent experts on developing emotional intelligence to create positive change. With warmth and authenticity, he translates leading-edge science into practical, applicable terms that improve the quality of relationships to unlock enduring success. Joshua leads the world’s largest network of emotional intelligence practitioners and researchers.
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