Let’s break it down: What is emotional intelligence and why does it matter?  How does this make a difference in my life at work, school, home?

Next week is our 3rd annual free online conference, EQ Week.  To make the most of the program, here’s a quick intro to emotional intelligence (EQ) — and how this incredible program of free webinars and resources will help you create positive change.


Emotional Intelligence 101: Accurate with Data

What do you mean when you call someone “intelligent”?  Probably they’re quickly able to grasp information and use it to solve problems. There are different forms of intelligence tied to different kinds of data and problems.

For example, we use mathematical intelligence to solve math problems.  If we have a high “MQ,” we can accurately read and use numerical data to do algebra, or engineer a bridge, or to balance a checkbook.

What about “people challenges,” such as communicating, or influencing, or even making a careful decision?  What kind of data is involved in these situations?  Maybe words, maybe also numbers… and certainly: Emotions.

During EQ Week, several experts from around the world will share more of these essentials.  Here are a few:

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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

As life becomes more complex, we have to juggle more.  More demands on our time.  More people’s needs.  More emotions.  Research suggests that one of the key benefits of emotional intelligence is that it helps people “surf on the edge of chaos.”  Instead of getting overwhelmed by the complexity, EQ skills help us manage it.

Here’s a webinar where we’re share the very latest research:

EQ in Personal Life

In our lives as individual, parents, partners, we do a lot of that “emotional juggling.”  Here are a few EQ Webinars that will help:


EQ in Business

A great deal of research shows that organizations gain tremendous competitive advantage by developing emotional intelligence.  One key reason is that the vast majority of people in most organizations are either “hanging out” or actively disengaged; over the last 10+ years of research by Gallup, well under 30% of employees are actively engaged (fully committed).  On the other hand, leaders with higher emotional intelligence are far better at connecting with their people and creating a great employee experience.

The same, of course, applies to customer experience.  Sales and service people and managers who have high EQ skills are better able to understand and connect with customers.

Here are a few of the many EQ Week webinars on these themes:


EQ in School

Imagine you’re about 12 years old and preparing to take an important exam tomorrow.  Then you have a HUGE argument with the person you thought was your best friend.  And, your parents scold you for not cleaning your room.  And, you try to ask for help, but your teacher is way to busy and tells you to figure it out for yourself.

Will you do your best work on the test tomorrow?

Students, teachers, leaders, and parents all have a role in navigating the complexities of school life, and supporting young people to thrive.  There’s a host of fabulous webinars on these themes, including:

EQ in Action

At Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, our vision is that by 2039 a billion people will be practicing the skills of emotional intelligence.  It will change the world.

But awareness isn’t enough.  It’s not enough to be “intelligent,” we need to use it, to put emotional intelligence into action.  How?  Here are a few webinars that will show you:

Celebrating Emotions 

To help with this all important step of putting EQ into action, each day during EQ Week, we’ll send out an email with free downloads — activities, handouts, podcasts — and even whole ebooks!  To access these goodies, sign up at the bottom of the EQ Week agenda page.

The EQ Week conference is 100% free — all you need is an internet connection.

Join the webinars live to interact with the speakers and participants.  You can also register to receive the recording of each session — and they’ll be available free online for a month!

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