I was thinking back on a long career grappling with organizational change and striving to enhance employee engagement, both as a senior executive and then as an external consultant. I envisioned these two sides of my organizational persona meeting in a bar over a beer: 

The executive side says, “You know, we’ve tried everything to get our employees engaged in the changes we need to make… my new HR director has all these tactics, but there’s no business logic to it.” The consultant side bemoans, “Well, I have the same problem; I have a great framework for looking at change in organizations, but I don’t have practical tools to go from concept to action.”


Does this conversation sound familiar? Have you been on one side of it or, like me, on both sides at different points in your career?

The solution, of course, is to bring both sides of the dialogue together: blending a solid theory of change with tools that produce actionable metrics. I see the Six Seconds Change MAP plus our Vital Signs organizational assessment tools as that perfect balance of “business smarts” and “people smarts.” 

Many organizations are plagued by a crisis of engagement that devastates morale and thwarts change, with 70 percent of change initiatives failing to produce lasting impact. There is another way, as shown in cases such as Komatsu and Amadori.


During EQ Week – the online emotional intelligence conference – there are many outstanding webinars on around these themes.  I invite you to join my session on “Measuring and Increasing Engagement” on Mar 12 — or contact me directly at [email protected].

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