What happens at a Six Seconds EQ Educator (EQE) Certification course?  EQE Boston Anabel J visit

One recent participant said: 

In just 48 hours we learned the educational competencies- how to write and present lessons- some games and practices- Never have I  met a more emotionally agile group-moving easily between profound insight to child-like joy. Felt like a week of work in just two days.  Some very rich connections with the people too. 

At our recent EQ Educators Certification Class in Boston, 16 participants, with Dr. Susan Stillman, Six Seconds Director of Education and several key Ed Team members, experienced the Six Seconds’ social emotional learning (SEL) process and explored EQ competencies and strategies designed to create a safe, inclusive, caring space and energized climate for learning. Participants discovered the power of bringing emotion  into their professional/personal lives, and they shared the impact on themselves, their colleagues, students, parents, and constituents.  The group was treated to a special treat when Dr. Anabel Jensen, Six Seconds President and Founder, made a wonderful surprise appearance and shared her insights about the change process.  

How do participants experience their self-efficacy after the training? 

“The training was a reminder that we are always the change agent. Whether we do or don’t, is about choice.”

In our course, we always welcome the wisdom within our group and  look for ways to share the expertise and passion of group members. In Boston, one participant from South Africa, presented to the group and led activities surrounding the philosophy of Ubuntu and how she uses it to work with peer helpers. 

Unpacking Ubuntu

Personal Transformation: Participants in this certification course develop their EQ competencies through our Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) and a personal 1:1 debrief with a skilled assessor. Then, during the training, participants deepen their understanding of how the EQ competencies impact their self awareness, their daily choices, their empathy and purpose. 

EQE Boston Group Noble Goal wikis

Curriculum and the Self Science Process: Using our renowned Self-Science curriculum as a foundation, participants learn to revise lessons to meet the needs of their educational settings and to create their own lessons using the Self Science format. 

EQE Boston Dr LovelaceImplementation and Sustainability: 

Participants practice empathy and reflect on their own noble goals, creating action plans for SEL implementation in their own settings. Participants also create a group Noble Goal to visibly demonstrate the power of the group’s commitment to each other and to the ongoing journey. 

What do participants value? 

I like the variety of delivering the information: lecture, video,  discussion, activity. This training is interesting, affirming, and  revitalizing of my teacher’s heart, especially at the end of a school year, when my empathy tank needed refilling….


Goals of the EQ Educator Certification Course: 

  • Learn the 6S model and deepen your EQ competencies
  • Apply EQ competencies in your day to day interactions with children and adults
  • Effectively use the Self Science and the EAR process in your personal/professional role or setting
  • Confidently apply SEL best practices
  • Develop skills in implementation and sustainability of SEL

What I, personally, love about our EQ Educator course is that it’s grounded in the real experiences and needs of all educators who attend: not only K-12 teachers but also pre-school and after-school teachers, public and private school administrators, higher education faculty, educational coaches and consultants, and directors of community organizations, large and small. I also love that its content is always modifiable. As the SEL field expands its knowledge base through expert science, research and practice, our SEL course reflects the latest developments in neuroscience, educator self-awareness, mindfulness,  and personal EQ development, SEL curriculum alignment with core standards, assessment of school climate, integration into school culture, and SEL sustainability. 

Our  next EQ Educator course is coming up soon! August 5-6, 2013, at the exciting Six Seconds Synapse lab school in Menlo Park, CA.

What are some topics you would like to see addressed in our upcoming EQ Educator Certification courses? 



Dr. Susan Stillman

Director of Education, Six Seconds' Global Office: With years of experience as an educational leader, scholar-practitioner, K-12 school counselor, and higher ed faculty, Susan brings a diverse background and set of skills to bear on her mission to build and sustain the Six Seconds' educational programs and to support Six Seconds' team members around the world, working to develop EQ in children, educators, families, schools, and communities.

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