Fill in the form below for a free FOG poster!

Fill in the form below for a free FOG poster!

We all have emotional intelligence – the challenge is using it!  In the midst of hurt and frustration, it seems so much easier to just stomp our feet… or hurt someone back…. or run away…. What action will actually solve the problem?  

To answer, all we need is a little emotional intelligence.  It’s actually an incredibly simple idea: If we get thinking and feeling working together, we make better choices.  

How to use emotional intelligence?

At Six Seconds, we’ve developed a 3-step process to put emotional intelligence into action.  Recently, I wrote about stepping through fear, and described the steps as FOG.  Want to make an emotionally intelligent choice?  


F:  Feelings.  What’s going on inside?

O: Options.  How could I respond?

G: Goals.  Why might I move forward?


The same steps apply when solving a problem between people… FOG for social problem solving or conflict resolution:

F:  Feelings.  What does each person feel?  What is each person doing?

O: Options.  How could we respond to each other? What choices can we make?

G: Goals.  Why might we move forward?  What’s our real goal?


By the way, these three steps are just another way of talking about the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.  F is about “Know Yourself.”  O is for “Choose Yourself.”  G is a shorthand for “Give Yourself.”

Free Emotional Intelligence Poster

Noa Mendelevitch, one of Six Seconds’ amazing educators, and a specialist on unlocking creativity, created a FOG poster for classrooms and everywhere.  This should be a wonderful resource for sharing emotional intelligence with children (of all ages! 🙂

Please fill out the form below and we’ll automatically email you a high-resolution PDF that you can print! (it should arrive in a few seconds, if not, check your spam folder).

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