24EQ virtual Conference It’s shaping up to be the biggest event in the history of EQ — now over 3000 registrations for this amazing marathon of free webinars from top experts.  Accessible worldwide, anyone with internet is invited to join and learn about the powerful science and practice of emotional intelligence starting July 6 at 00 Universal Time (that’s 5pm in California on July 5).  Learn more and register now!

24EQ opens with a discussion between Peter Salovey (Provost of Yale who “launched” the science of EQ together with his colleague Jack Mayer through their seminal article in 1990), and Josh Freedman (COO of Six Seconds, the global resource for EQ development).  Other speakers include:

Daniel Goleman on the link between EQ and ecology

Chip Conley on “Emotional Equations” (here’s an interview with Chip and Josh Freedman)

Daniel Siegel on the neuroscience of reflection (check out his TED Talk on reflection in education)

And many more truly outstanding experts from Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East… it’s a global wave of EQ — coming to your desk.  There’s no charge to attend — but registration is required and some sessions are close to being full — so click here for details and to register!

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