The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be
– Paul Valery

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The Climate for Breakthrough Innovation

April 4, 2012, 5pm Rome time

Yes we can say it: we are living turbulent times. The pace of change is increasing and the level of uncertainty too. We are experiencing a different world than in the past and we don’t know a lot about what we can expect from the future. What a tricky situation! It is a challenge for everyone. It’s difficult to understand what is the right thing to do.

One point view is what Gabriel Garcia Márquez, the Colombian writer, called the “chronicle of a death foretold” because:

  1. The percentage of CEOs expecting substantial change is higher than ever (83%)
  2. 50% of leaders are concerned about managing change
  3. Only 9% of people inside the companies report that they are receiving training to effectively deal with the issues they are facing

In seems while rationally we understand we need to change — at the same time we feel we are not ready to do it.  What happens when people are in this mood?  Probably there is little focus on real tasks; instead a lot of energy goes to finding reasons justifying that we don’t need change… creating massive stress that saps productivity and drains health and happiness.  In this context, it is not surprising that companies are experiencing a really high number of change failures, and paying the financial costs of marginal execution.

Is this the game we want to play? Is it sustainable?  What creates an alternative?

We all know that the key to increase our competitiveness is innovation, but in the current reality of increased pressure and failure, change fails and innovation falls behind.  How can we unblock the creative thinking in this scenario? What can we do to shift from the existing patterns and see opportunities? What is the right climate for innovation?

In this situation, do you think there is a place for emotional intelligence?

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